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Harry ‘didn’t explain’ to Meghan that royal life ‘isn’t like being a celebrity’



Harry ‘didn’t explain’ to Meghan that royal life ‘isn’t like being a celebrity’


According to a royal expert, Prince Harry may not have conveyed to Meghan how different royal life is from celebrity life before they married.

According to author Ingrid Seward, Prince Harry may not have explained to Meghan how drastically her life would change as she transitioned from a celebrity to a member of the royal family.

Seward explains that being a member of the royal family meant focusing on the Crown rather than the individual.

However, it’s possible that the Duchess of Sussex was unaware of it before to joining the Firm.

Ms. Seward told Page Six that Prince Harry “didn’t explain to her the ordinary things about being royal.

“That it’s not about you, it’s about the monarchy — it’s not like being a celebrity.”


During her historic interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan admitted that when she first joined the Royal Family, she was unaware of many of the royal regulations in place or what living as a royal entailed.

The duchess told Oprah about an informal family event attended by the Queen, during which she was unaware that she still required to properly curtsy to the monarch.

“I would say I went into it naively because I didn’t grow up knowing much about the royal family,” Meghan told the US talk show host.

Meghan said no to Oprah’s question about doing any homework before marrying into the family. “No. I didn’t feel any need to, because everything I needed to know [Prince Harry] was sharing with me.

“Everything we thought I needed to know, he was telling me.”

“I didn’t fully understand what the job was: What does it mean to be a working royal?”

She later added: “What do you do? What does that mean? He and I were very aligned on our cause-driven work, that was part of our initial connection.

“But there was no way to understand what the day-to-day was going to be like, and it’s so different because I didn’t romanticise any element of it.”

The Duchess of Sussex revealed earlier this week that she had authored The Bench, a new book about dads and their boys seen through the perspective of a mother.

Thousands of admirers have already pre-ordered a copy of the book, which has received a lot of positive feedback.

However, according to Seward, one of the pages depicts the couple’s sentiments at Harry losing his royal military postings as a result of Megxit.

The lovely image depicts a ginger-haired father in army uniform reuniting with his kid, whom he throws into the air, as his mother observes from the window.

“Maybe Meghan is sending us a coded message that Harry has still not got over losing his military titles after the Queen stepped in,” Ingrid writes for the Sun.

According to another critic, royal historian Marlene Koenig, Prince Harry should have properly prepared his bride for life in the Firm. “When you hear the conversation that was in this interview, Meghan said that when she got to Royal Lodge in Windsor, she said you have to curtsy, she was like what?

“In all of Harry’s statements about wanting to look after Meghan and protect his family, he never really said if you’re marrying into my family, there are some things you should know about our lives.”

“You get all these wonderful things in this life but you are part of a team.

“The fact that he never prepared her for this, even the little things like for when you meet grandma, that was a bit strange.

“There were certain things in that interview that bothered me and his actions.”

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