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Schwarzenegger refuses to give his son money


Schwarzenegger refuses to give his son money


Arnold Schwarzenegger has stopped providing financial support to his son Joseph Baena after he graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

Despite being worth almost half a billion dollars, Schwarzenegger had his reasons for cutting off his son.

Baena learned about his famous father in 2011 when his grandmother told him, although his mother, Mildred Baena, had become pregnant with him while Schwarzenegger was married to Maria Shriver.

Joseph and his siblings were raised about 100 miles north of Los Angeles in a humble home where they didn’t have much.

The news of Schwarzenegger being Joseph’s father created chaos for the family, and Joseph and his mother moved north of Los Angeles to escape scrutiny.

However, Schwarzenegger reached out to Joseph and formed a close bond with him.


Baena pursued a career in the entertainment industry but struggled to land acting roles and earn fame in his father’s footsteps.

He shifted his focus and earned his real estate license and, like his famous father, got into bodybuilding.

Schwarzenegger bought Joseph and his mother a home after learning that Joseph was his biological son.

Joseph could commute to the Pepperdine campus in coastal Los Angeles while living rent-free at home.

Schwarzenegger paid for his son’s college tuition, but after that, he cut off financial support, which Baena is fine with.

Growing up, Baena was happy being raised by his Guatemalan family and learning his heritage.

He celebrated his family’s culture through music and food, oblivious to his famous father.

Baena’s life went on as his dad raked in millions endorsing video games and lending his voice to animated characters.

He still aspires to act in his father’s shadow, but Baena’s career and life paths are his own to travel, free from needing his father’s wealth, name, and fame to succeed.

Working as a real estate agent, Baena wants to make both of his parents proud.

Surprisingly Baena has not taken on his famous dad’s last name, partially in support of his hard-working mother.

Joseph Baena’s story is by no means unique, as many celebrities keep their massive fortunes to themselves, not sharing with family members.

Former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal is also worth a reported $400 million dollars, yet shares almost none of it with his six children. O’Neal maintains his kids must earn every penny.

Baena is ready to earn his fame and fortune on his merit, coming from humble beginnings.

Actor Harrison Ford has one son who is a renowned chef and another son in a rock band.

Baena, like his siblings, was raised in a humble home, but he is ready to support himself and earn his own way in the world.

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