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Bill Cosby has been hiding love child from his wife for 30 years


Bill Cosby has been hiding love child from his wife for 30 years


A recent report suggests that Bill Cosby has been hiding a secret love child from his wife for over three decades.

The individual in question, who claims to know nothing about Cosby, is demanding a DNA test to confirm the relationship, as they are grappling with other issues that have recently come to light.

33-year-old Emon Waller from Florida is said to be the alleged secret son of Bill Cosby, born from a relationship with his former employee, Mary Waller.

The report alleges that Cosby moved Mary and her son Emon into a luxurious $6 million townhouse in Manhattan and provided them with a generous expense account.

As the story unfolds, it is revealed that when Camille, Bill Cosby’s wife, discovered the alleged affair, he reportedly denied the allegations, claiming instead that Mary embezzled money meant for her salary and extravagant benefits.

According to ‘Radar,’ Mary Waller received substantial payments on the first of every month for many years.


Emon Waller, who claims to have maintained silence about the situation for his entire life, admits that he is unaware of his father’s true identity.

When he tried to find out more information, he was told by family members to speak to his mother.

Currently employed at a Best Buy in Naples, Florida, Emon Waller is keen for the 80-year-old actor and comedian to take a DNA test to confirm his paternity, to which he has emphatically agreed.

The allegations regarding Bill Cosby’s secret love child have raised many questions. Could Emon Waller truly be the son of the famed star from ‘The Bill Cosby Show’?

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