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Cara Delevingne’s friends ‘desperate for her to go to rehab’


Cara Delevingne’s friends ‘desperate for her to go to rehab’


There are growing concerns among Cara Delevingne’s friends about the supermodel’s mental health and potential substance abuse issues, according to a report from TMZ.

Delevingne’s friends are said to be “desperate” for her to enter a rehab program in order to address these issues.

This news follows recent photos of Margot Robbie, Delevingne’s friend and co-star, appearing distressed after leaving Delevingne’s Los Angeles home.

It is unclear why Robbie was upset, but the photos have led to speculation about Delevingne’s well-being.

According to an insider who spoke with TMZ, Robbie was visibly distraught with “good reason” based on what she saw at Delevingne’s home.

The outlet also claims that Robbie is one of the friends “advocating” for Delevingne to seek treatment.


Delevingne has not publicly confirmed any struggles with addiction, but has admitted to experimenting with drugs in the past.

However, the model’s behavior in recent months has raised concerns among her friends and others.

In March, she was seen acting “really drunk” at a party in New York, earning her a reputation as a party-goer.

More recently, she was spotted looking disheveled and exhibiting erratic behavior at Van Nuys Airport in California, and even failed to show up at a New York Fashion Week event she was expected to attend.

A close friend of Delevingne told the Sun last week that they are all “incredibly concerned” about the model’s well-being.

“There is talk of staging some kind of intervention and making sure Cara gets the help she may well need,” the insider said.

“She has been burning the candle at both ends of late, and it’s clearly taking its toll.”

Delevingne’s reps have not responded to multiple requests for comment from Page Six. It is unclear at this time whether Delevingne will seek treatment or address the concerns of her friends.

However, it is clear that those close to her are deeply worried about her well-being and are willing to take action to ensure she gets the help she may need.

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