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Tom Cruise spotted for first time after viral ‘puffy’ photos

High spirits: Tom Cruise was spotted Wednesday touching down in Los Angeles after piloting his own plane, before making a quick exit on his motorcycle


Tom Cruise spotted for first time after viral ‘puffy’ photos


Tom Cruise was seen for the first time since photographs of him at a baseball game went viral, prompting speculation that he had undergone cosmetic surgery.

The 59-year-old actor was seen touching down in Los Angeles on Wednesday after flying his own jet and exiting quickly on his motorcycle.

Tom was beaming with delight as he descended the plane’s stairs with an entourage supporting him.

He then sped away from the tarmac on a red motorbike.

Cruise, 59, was spotted departing the plane with a smile and an unusually puffy face that was less apparent.


Tom didn’t appear phased by the recent rumors around his looks.

Cruise was clothed in a black sweatshirt and a baseball cap and sipped some water after landing.

Cruise was also spotted exiting the plane wearing a mask and a blue T-shirt and trousers.

Tom obtained his private pilot’s certificate in 1994, and for his role in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, he even trained to fly a helicopter. He also flies in Top Gun: Maverick.

At Comic-Con, Tom said of his film, “The aerial footage is really beautiful. I’m a pilot myself, and I love flying, and I love aviation.

Tom Cruise’s smile was still full as he made his spectacular return from the sky, much as when he was watching Game 2 of the National League Division Series in San Francisco with his son Connor Cruise.

Cruise appeared unrecognizable during a game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants a week ago. He was accompanied by Connor, his 26-year-old son with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

His photographs generated debate online, with some believing that he was an imposter and others guessing that he had undergone a botched cosmetic operation.


“@TomCruise What have you done to your gorgeous face?!!!! I was soooo disappointed when I saw you in the stands at the Dodgers game! STOP putting crap into your face please!!!!” one fan said on Twitter.

“@TomCruise What have you done to your lovely features? When I spotted you in the stands during the Dodgers game, I was extremely disappointed! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please “one of the fans said on Twitter.

“What’s up with the bloated chipmunk cheeks?” another wrote.

‘Tom Cruise has either gained weight, or he has a face full of fillers. I’m going with the fillers,’ one person wrote

Others, on the other hand, defended Cruise, claiming that his changing appearance was due to aging or even weight gain.

‘Tom Cruise putting some weight on in his face because he’s prob not filming a movie requiring him to be in not-human shape and getting memed all over for it feels awfully yucky to me.’

“Listen I don’t like tom cruise at all (AT ALL), but i’m seriously sick of Twitter trashing people for their weight fluctuations. People are allowed to gain and lose weight, and it’s really nunya!!! Stop being fatphobic!” one defender tweeted.

‘At first I felt a little bad that everyone was making fun of Tom Cruise’s face because it honestly looks like some sort of side effect to me,’ another Twitter user remarked.

They added: ‘But then I remembered he’s spent decades criticizing people for taking meds. Drag that pillow face.’ Which was in reference to Cruise’s comments about Brooke Shields.

It wasn’t the first time Cruise’s changing appearance has made news. When he attended the 2016 BAFTA Film Awards in London, social media commenters labeled him as “inflated,” “bloated,” and “frozen.”

Cruise previously suggested that the Church is against psychiatric drugs, having got into a public spat with Shields in 2005 over her use of antidepressants to battle postpartum depression.

Shields, on the other hand, retaliated at Cruise when he labeled her behavior “irresponsible.”

‘Tom should stick to saving the world from aliens and let women who are experiencing postpartum depression decide what treatment options are best for them,’ Shields said at the time.

Last week, Dr. Alice Henshaw, owner and practitioner of Harley Street Injectables, told The Sun that Cruise looked “swollen” potentially after undergoing surgery.

“Tom definitely looks swollen and puffy, which could be due to filler, post procedure swelling or weight gain,” she said.

“I believe he’s had fillers under his eyes and around his mouth and nose in the past, but this time is different.

“A side profile view of him shows his neck is also quite swollen. Filler would not be placed in this area, which signifies it would not be filler but rather swelling or weight gain.

“Often surgical procedure such as a platysmal plasty, or neck lift, combined with a mid-facelift could create this type of swelling in these areas, and scars are easily disguised.”

“At almost 60, Tom’s hairline has remained relatively the same, although slightly thinning, which does suggest he may have had hair transplants,” she said.

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