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Demi Lovato Says the term ‘aliens’ is offensive to extraterrestrials

Demi Lovato performs onstage during Global Citizen Live on September 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Global Citizen)


Demi Lovato Says the term ‘aliens’ is offensive to extraterrestrials


According to a new interview, American singer-songwriter Demi Lovato believes that referring to extraterrestrial creatures as “aliens” is disrespectful.

Demi Lovato, a musician and actor who identifies as nonbinary, has a Peacock docuseries called “Unidentified with Demi Lovato” in which they look into the possibility of life beyond our world.

Lovato reacted to fan rumors that they had a new unreleased song named “Aliens” in an interview with E! News.

To put an end to the myth, the singer stated that they do not refer to them as “aliens” because it is a “derogatory term for anything.”

“I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything,”  Lovato added.

“I call them ETs,” the 29-year-old singer explained.


Furthermore, Lovato is irked by beliefs about extraterrestrials being “harmful or that they’ll come and take over the planet”

“I really think that if there was anything out there that would want to do that to us, it would have happened by now,” they said. During the debate, Demi elaborated on their theory that humans are unlikely to be harmed by aliens.

“I think that if there were beings that could harm us, we would have been gone a long time ago. I also think that if there are civilizations that are of consciousness in other dimensions, which has given them the technology to be able to travel through space, I think that they are looking for nothing but peaceful encounters and interactions because like I said, if they wanted us gone, we would have been gone a long time ago,” they said.

“What if they’re waiting for us?” “What if that’s what they’re waiting on?” Lovato said later.

The series’ goal, according to Lovato, is to offer people “an understanding of how much we need to take care of our planet and how much we need to learn how to expand our consciousness.”

“I think that the world is becoming a more open place,” the star added. “Slowly, but surely, I think that we’re making progress. And we’re slowly getting there. But, you know, any progress is progress!”

The series, which premiered last month, follows Lovato and her sister, Dallas, as they hunt for indications of alien life and chat with specialists about whether we’re alone in the cosmos alongside Matthew Scott Montgomery, the singer’s best friend.

“I have been a believer my whole life,” Lovato said of their UFO show to “I just thought, I’m in a position in my career right now where I’m dipping my toes into a lot of different waters, and this was just a natural next step. I wanted to film everything that goes down when I go and search for these UFOs so that my fans can come along for the ride.”

In an interview with E! News’ ‘Daily Pop,’ Lovato detailed “a beautiful and incredible experience” with a suspected alien, sorry, extraterrestrial.

“We went out into the desert in Joshua Tree and I basically saw this blue orb that was about 50 feet away, maybe less, and it was kind of like floating above the ground, just like 10 or 15 feet, and it was kind of keeping its distance from me,” they said.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Roy McDowell

    October 17, 2021 at 10:45 pm

    Two possibilities on why this would matter SOOOO much to her,
    1st she is an Extraterrestrial and is hiding in plain sight, but couldn’t help be offended.
    2nd and more likely, she running to be the next Major General of the Thought Police.

    They need to get a dictionary and find out there is a subtle difference between the two words.

    In my mind, they are alongside the Kardashians, vapid and famous for the wrong things.

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