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Inside Kate Middleton’s ‘cold relationship’ with Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice



Inside Kate Middleton’s ‘cold relationship’ with Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice


Kate and William enjoyed an eight-year courtship before marrying in 2011, so she had plenty of time to get to know the rest of his family. Many have assumed, however, that Kate and William’s cousins have a tense relationship. The Duke of Cambridge used to spend a lot of time with Prince Andrew’s daughters when he was younger, but the two younger royals have been pushed out of the spotlight since he married Kate.

There is a definite rift between the future Queen Consort and Beatrice and Eugenie, according to reporter Catherine Ostler, writing in the Daily Mail in May 2016.

She explained: “The three women weren’t walking together, gossiping companionably, as you might imagine, say, Zara Phillips, Beatrice and Eugenie might have done.

“More than that, the Princesses were giving the Duchess what would appear to be some rather chilly looks.”

Ms Ostler continued: “Poor Beatrice and Eugenie, despite being dressed up to the nines in a £1,700 Burberry dress and a £300 Alice + Olivia printed skirt respectively, simply couldn’t compete.

“As a result, the atmosphere between the three young royal women looked decidedly cool.


“Some say that this froideur, on what was supposed to be an idyllic occasion, a celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday, is not new.”

The tensions are “rooted in far more than mere sartorial competitiveness,” according to the report, with anger rising over what the York sisters perceive as Kate’s “preferential treatment” by the rest of the Firm.

A royal insider said: “Despite being the only young ‘blood Princesses’ (in other words, born royal), Beatrice and Eugenie have been reduced to walk-on parts in Royal Family life.

“It particularly hurt when Kate did solo engagements with the Queen during the Diamond Jubilee. They felt snubbed.”

Ms Ostler said: “Regardless of their mother’s actions, Beatrice and Eugenie could certainly be forgiven for agreeing with those who thought it a little small-minded of William, who controlled the guest list, to so humiliate her.”



Kate Middleton ‘will no longer’ be honored with royal birthday tradition


Due to covid-19-induced financial problems, Kate Middleton will allegedly no longer being recognized with a significant royal custom.

The Cambridge royal has not yet revealed her plans for her 40th birthday, according to Metro, but for her 39th birthday, the Cambridges had to spend the day in private at their house in Norfolk, where Prince William also threw a tea party to honor Kate. The Duchess may also miss the traditional chimes of Westminster Abbey this year, according to Metro, owing to financial constraints imposed by the government, since the Abbey’s bells have not been sounded since April 2020.

The royal family has a long tradition of ringing the Westminster bell, with all of Her Majesty’s children, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew, as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children, having received the honour previously.

A representative of Westminister Abbey has brought this information forth.

All of the Cambridges, as well as Camila Parker Bowles, may no longer be listed among the royals honored by this custom, and the bells will allegedly only ring for the Prince of Wales and the Queen.

“The Abbey bells can be heard ringing out before services and in celebration of church festivals,” they said in an interview with Hello! Magazine.

“The bells have also traditionally been rung to mark the birthdays of senior members of the Royal Family.”

“Due to the financial challenges posed to the Abbey by the Covid-19 pandemic, and in consultation with Buckingham Palace, the bells will now ring only for the birthdays of HM The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales.”

While Meghan Markle just celebrated her 40th birthday in the company of her closest friends and family, fans are eagerly anticipating Kate Middleton’s milestone birthday next year.

This means that Prince Charles, who will turn 73 in November, will be the next senior royal to receive the honor.

The bell was rung 99 times in commemoration of each year of Prince Phillip’s life.

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