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Princess Diana’s psychic claims Meghan and Harry marriage will last as Duchess ‘lays down the law’



Princess Diana’s psychic claims Meghan and Harry marriage will last as Duchess ‘lays down the law’


In contrast to the Duke of Sussex’s parents, whose marriage ended in divorce, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, according to Sally Morgan, are meant to spend their lives together.

Ms Morgan offered an optimistic perspective on the couple, who have been married for three years, to The Morning Show presenters Kylie Gillies and Matt Shirvington.

“I see for her, she’s got great love in her marriage with him,” Sally Morgan said on “The Morning Show” (via Daily Mail).

“I know lots of predictions say it won’t last, but I do think their marriage will last.

“It will run its full course, and I think there’s absolutely no doubt she has laid down the law and it’s going to be how she wants it.

“There’s no doubt about that,” she told the US hosts.

Following the catastrophe, it was widely claimed that Sally had foreseen Diana’s death a year earlier.

But she maintains that she expected the Queen instead to be killed in a terrible accident.

Diana’s psychic for four years, Sally, shared the information during a reading with one of her sisters.

Ms Morgan said that she was connected with Diana via her sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale.

Morgan said of Diana: “It’s only now that I look back and realize just how amazing it was to be able to speak to her for four and a half years, almost daily.”

“Lady Sarah was her lady-in-waiting, so when she came to London – she lives in Norfolk – to accompany the Princess of Wales on functions, she would pop in and see me.

“I was very close to them both for a long time.”

Morgan’s prognosis for the royal pair contradicts that of royal specialist Lady Colin Campbell, who predicted in April that their marriage will fail.

“Once she became the royal Duchess of Sussex, it was off with everyone’s head,” Campbell claimed.

The famous psychic’s prediction comes after royal pundit Phil Dampier said that Meghan “never intended” to remain in the Royal Family.

In a new documentary, Harry has spoken up about the sorrow he felt when his mother died.

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