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Prince Harry’s Challenges in the US



Prince Harry’s Challenges in the US


Meghan Markle’s life was permanently changed on May 19, 2018, when she married Britain’s Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex.

According to royal expert Camilla Tominey, Prince Harry is facing “quite some significant challenges” as he ventures into unfamiliar territories far from his birthplace. The Duke is now in the shadow of Meghan as he seeks a new career and reshapes his life, according to the expert.


With their 11-month-old son Archie, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are currently in Los Angeles. This is a significant change for Prince Harry, who is separated from his family during a time of crisis in the United Kingdom.


The 39-year-old and her partner, 36, shocked the nation on Jan. 8 when they revealed they were “stepping back” as senior members of “The Firm” after ruthless tabloid criticism, public family drama, and lingering rumours of royal rifts.


According to a royal commentator, Prince Harry is living in “his wife’s shadow” now that he has moved to her homeland and is moving into an industry where Meghan Markle has more experience than him.


“There has always been this sense of him being young, fun-loving, cheeky-chappish, and now he is maturing into a new role,” Camilla said.


“He is in his wife’s shadow in a way because he is out of his territory and in America.


“I think time will tell how he will adapt to his new life in the coming months, because he is coming at quite a difficult time in his life – and he is posed with quite some significant challenges.”


The Duke and Meghan had been residing in Canada with Archie, but they have since relocated to California.


As the couple marks their second wedding anniversary, experts agree on one thing: their new life in America is a promising step for two royals who aren’t afraid to defy convention.


The expert also suggested that the Duke of Sussex could find himself in a tough situation in the future, given the newfound independence from the Royal Family, as well as its financial support and strict laws.


Harry’s life could be in turmoil as well, after a slew of recent changes.


They’ll settle down eventually, but being in quarantine puts a damper on any plans they may have been planning for their new non-profit, Archewell, and other [projects],” royal historian and blogger Marlene Koenig told Fox News.


Harry and Meghan are no longer reliant on the Sovereign Grant or other financial assistance from Prince Charles thanks to the multi-million dollar deal they signed with Netflix.


Dr. Jane Goodall said she has been in touch with Prince Harry since his departure from royal duties and subsequent relocation to Canada and then Los Angeles.


The royal analyst went on to say: “Even with talks of Meghan pursuing political ambitions, where is that going to leave Prince Harry?


“It’s interesting when you consider that he felt overshadowed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, he as an individual facing the prospect of being overshadowed by his American wife in America, separated from Britain.


Goodall spoke to the Radio Times about the significant changes in Harry’s daily life now that he is thousands of miles away from the British royal family.


The couple is launching Archewell, a new charity organization.


According to those close to the Duke, one major adjustment in Harry’s life may be giving up one of his major hobbies.


According to the ethologist, Harry has undoubtedly put an end to one of his typical royal pastimes, which he used to do with his older brother, Prince William.


Dr. Goodall, a conservationist, thinks the Duke of Sussex will stop hunting because his wife Meghan dislikes it.


Coronavirus has affected millions of people around the world, including the Royal Family.




Meghan discussed Prince Harry and how he had never voted in his life as a member of the Royal Family with the founder of The 19th*, a non-profit news organization.


During the summer, Meghan began talking about civil rights and asking Americans to vote on November 3rd.


Back in the UK, Markle was chastised for everything from eating avocados to cradling her baby bump while pregnant with Archie during their marriage. Queen Elizabeth II reluctantly decided to let the pair become semi-detached royals after they revealed their need for financial and perhaps personal liberty.


Though the Duchess of Sussex has remained neutral and has not expressed a strong preference for any of the presidential candidates, some pundits have speculated that Meghan is considering a future in politics.


Although Markle and Harry will have a fresh start in America, Carroll cautioned that they will face new obstacles.

“As much as Harry has always enjoyed America as a visitor, it will be a challenge for him to live in the states permanently if that becomes the Sussexes’ decision,” she explained. “It’s still early days; so we’ll see how things eventually end up. Challenges facing the couple will be Harry’s inevitable homesicknesses for his family back in the U.K., and the equally inevitable issues of finances and taxes. No couple, whoever they are, likes those discussions! But what Meghan and Harry seem to have going for them is a healthy ability to communicate, which experts say is the most important thing for a healthy marriage.”

The Duchess also warned US people not to be “complicit” by failing to vote in the forthcoming US election when speaking at the When All Women Vote case.

“She’s American-born, she has every right to run for president,” celebrity agent Jonathan Shalit told the Sunday Telegraph.

“Ronald Reagan was a B-list actor who ended up in the White House. Never say never.

“The perception of the couple in America is different to the UK.

“The UK has a love-hate relationship with the Sussexes, but it’s different in the States.

“I think Meghan is very ambitious, but in this country that is sometimes considered an unpleasant character trait.

“Yet she’s achieved a great deal already.”

The Sussexes were last in the UK in March, when they completed their final royal engagements.

Despite this, Carroll hopes the pair can eventually find their “happily ever after” when they begin a new life in the United States and embrace the roles they really love.

“Apart from, or in addition to, the obvious mutual physical attraction, they want the same things — to make the world a better place for humanity, especially women and children,” she said. “They want to be able to use their voices and the platform that their place in society afforded them, to amplify their message and enlarge their visions… As a boy, Harry had been unable to protect [his mother from the tabloids]. This time, the prince vowed not to permit history to repeat itself… he has kept his word.”

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