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Colin Firth can’t lose his King’s Speech Stammer

Colin Firth Helena Bonham Carter Credit: Rex Features


Colin Firth can’t lose his King’s Speech Stammer


The King’s Speech star admitted that he is still working on overcoming his stutter.

Colin Firth did not stutter throughout his funny and modest acceptance speech for the Best Actor Academy Award. However, it appears that old habits die hard. He admitted to British magazine WestSide that he occasionally falls into the stutter he invented just for the film.

“You can probably hear even from this interview, there are moments when it’s quite infectious,” he added.

“You find yourself doing it and if I start thinking about it, the worse it gets. If nothing else it’s an insight in to what it feels like.”

Firth developed the stammer deliberately for the role but said co-star Helena Bonham Carter, who plays his wife Elizabeth, tried her hardest to put him off him during production.

‘I’d known Helena for a very long time, and she’s fun, she’s quite filthy, she’s outrageous. ‘Whenever I was stammering if I caught her eye she was usually looking at her watch or yawning, hoping the moment passes as quickly as possible, fortunately when the cameras are on her she looks delightfully supportive.’


“If I had to choose somebody to get stuck in the lift with she comes fairly high on the list because she’s amusing, attractive and very small.”

He learnt to stutter by viewing old video and speeches of King George VI and practiced with the stammer until it became second nature to him. Firth says he paid close attention to how the king overcame the stumbling block. Perhaps it is a lesson he should remember right now.

‘I paid a lot of attention to those, not to impersonate, but to get what information I could about him. It was interesting to me, not so much what the stammer sounded like, but how he struggled against it. His job was to speak.’

“I can’t really go too much into what the technical thing was, and I don’t want to frankly,” he said of his attempts to overcome his stammer. “I’ve got myself to a place where I was really, trying, to speak and sometimes it felt that way.”

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