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Wendy Williams burps and farts live on-air


Wendy Williams burps and farts live on-air


Wendy Williams, the host of the daytime talk show “The Wendy Williams Show,” caused a stir on Tuesday when she appeared to burp and fart simultaneously on air.

During a segment discussing Kim Kardashian’s rumored new boyfriends, Williams’s microphone captured the sounds of what appeared to be a sudden gas leak.

She quickly apologized for the incident.

This is not the first time that Williams has been involved in a gas-related incident on her show.

In 2020, she denied breaking wind on air during an episode of the show, which was dubbed “Fartgate.”

Williams insisted that viewers were mistaken and that she rarely passed gas, preferring to belch instead.


During the 2020 incident, Williams went into detail about her personal gas-releasing habits.

She explained that she preferred to lean over during the show because it was more comfortable for her and did not result in flatulence.

Williams joked that if she had actually farted on camera, she would have laughed it off and probably needed to change her costume.

Despite her lighthearted approach to the incidents, Williams has received criticism from some viewers.

Some have argued that the incidents are unprofessional and inappropriate for a talk show host, while others have defended Williams’s right to be human and make mistakes.

Williams has not commented on the latest incident, but it has garnered attention on social media.

Some users have expressed amusement at the incident, while others have criticized Williams for what they see as inappropriate behavior on air.

Regardless of the reaction from viewers, it is clear that Williams’s gas-related incidents have become something of a running joke on her show.

Whether intentional or not, they have helped to create a memorable persona for the talk show host and have generated buzz and attention for her show.

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