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Tiger Woods’ ex smashed his car with golf club after his affairs


Tiger Woods’ ex smashed his car with golf club after his affairs


Over a decade ago, Tiger Woods’ ex-wife discovered his infidelity and shattered his car windows using his golf club

At the height of his career, Tiger Woods faced a shocking revelation when his then-wife, Elin Nordegren, found out about his extramarital affair.

Following the exposure of his infidelity, Nordegren pursued Woods out of their home, wielding his golf club to smash his car’s windows.

The golfer’s disgraceful incident came after he had amassed a $1 billion fortune, including £78 million from endorsements, recently won the Australian Masters, and even met then-President Barack Obama at the White House.

Woods suffered career-threatening injuries to his right leg and ankle in a terrible car accident on Tuesday.

A decade ago, Woods seemed to have an idyllic personal life with his stunning wife and their two children, Sam, now 13, and Charlie, 12.

However, in November 2009, news surfaced that Woods had been having an affair with Rachel Uchitel, a New York City nightclub hostess.

Uchitel had been spotted checking into the same hotel as Woods during the Australian Masters and had allegedly told friends that she was in love with him.

Before the story made headlines, Woods attempted to silence the rumors by having his wife speak with Uchitel, as reported by The Daily Beast.

Despite a 30-minute conversation, Nordegren remained unconvinced. She later found another woman’s contact information on Woods’ unattended phone and reached out to her.

When the story broke on Thanksgiving Day, Nordegren was reportedly appalled by the explicit details of the affair.

It is claimed that Woods had met Uchitel four months after his son’s birth and that she had shared intimate messages with friends, telling them that Woods was divorcing his wife.

Nordegren allegedly found more messages from Woods, including one stating, “You are the only one I’ve ever loved.”

The couple refused to cooperate with police interviews, and a judge denied a subpoena request to force them to speak.

Following the initial revelation, more women, including adult film stars, exotic dancers, and escorts, came forward, claiming to have had affairs with Woods during his marriage.

Within two weeks, 14 women had come forward, resulting in a significant impact on Woods’ career and the loss of endorsement deals with Nike, Gatorade, Gillette, and Accenture.


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