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Schwarzenegger’s wife also cheated on him with his staffer


Schwarzenegger’s wife also cheated on him with his staffer


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s ill-fated marriage ended in 2011, following the revelation of the actor’s extramarital affair and secret child.

However, the couple’s relationship troubles may have been even more complex, with the end of their love story unfolding gradually rather than abruptly.

Reports suggest that Shriver may have been aware of Schwarzenegger’s infidelity long before it became public knowledge.

Although Shriver and Matthew Dowd, her rumored paramour, made their first public appearance in 2014, three years after her separation from Schwarzenegger, it is possible that their relationship began much earlier.

Rumors abound that Maria Shriver’s relationship with Matthew Dowd, Schwarzenegger’s campaign strategist, predated her separation from the actor.

Though the couple was first spotted together at a family wedding in 2014, some believe that their romance began a year earlier.


In fact, it is possible that Shriver was involved with Dowd before Schwarzenegger’s own affair came to light.

Speculation also exists that Schwarzenegger was aware of his wife’s alleged relationship, just as she knew about his.

Despite Shriver’s attempts to keep her personal life private, rumors persisted.

It is said that Schwarzenegger avoided Dowd as much as possible, even during his marriage, to keep his own affair from being exposed.

Although Dowd was Schwarzenegger’s lead strategist, the two reportedly did not get along, and the actor chose not to engage with him.

According to some rumors, Matthew Dowd had been pursuing Maria Shriver for quite some time.

Allegedly, their relationship began in 2006, even before Shriver’s divorce from Schwarzenegger, and the actor was fully aware of the situation.

Schwarzenegger reportedly removed Dowd from his campaign and forced others to choose sides if they encountered each other.

While it remains uncertain whether Shriver is currently in a relationship, it is suggested that her involvement with Dowd lasted longer than initially thought.

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