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Dakota Johnson struggles with depression since she was 14


Dakota Johnson struggles with depression since she was 14


Actress Dakota Johnson has revealed that she has struggled with depression since she was a teenager.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Johnson opened up about her mental health journey and how she has learned to cope with her struggles.

“I’ve struggled with depression since I was young – since I was 15 or 14,” Johnson told the outlet.

“That was when, with the help of professionals, I was like, ‘Oh, this is a thing I can fall into.'”

Despite her struggles, Johnson explained that she has learned to find beauty in her experiences, saying, “I feel the world. I guess I have a lot of complexities, but they don’t pour out of me. I don’t make it anyone else’s problem.”

Johnson’s career has been marked by her ability to portray complex and captivating characters on screen. In her upcoming film “The High Note,” Johnson stars as Maggie, an overworked personal assistant to a superstar played by Tracee Ellis Ross.


Ross spoke highly of Johnson’s performance, saying that she “is passionate and feels things deeply, but she’s also wonderfully charming and playful. She knows where she is and who she is and isn’t afraid to speak up.”

Despite her confidence and assertiveness now, Johnson admitted that there have been times in her career when she had “no say” on set.

“For a long time, I’d do a movie and have no say,” Johnson said.

“I could go into something, and it’ll be one thing, and then it comes out as a totally different thing. As an artist, you’re like, ‘What the f—-?'”

Johnson emphasized the importance of having a say in her craft and being able to contribute her ideas to the creative process.

“I definitely want to have my craft, my artistry, and my ideas respected and tossed around,” she said. “I want to be part of the process. I also have really specific taste.”

Screenwriter Flora Greeson revealed that Johnson played a significant role in shaping the character of Maggie in “The High Note.”

“My version was this little trashy girl running around trying to keep her shit together,” Greeson said.

“Dakota was like, ‘I don’t want this character apologizing in every scene. That’s not what Maggie does.'”

Johnson’s commitment to authenticity and nuance in her characters is evident in “The High Note,” as well as in her previous work.

Johnson has demonstrated resilience and a dedication to her craft, making her a standout performer in the industry.

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