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Boy Meets World star Ethan Suplee looks unrecognisable after Dramatic Weight Loss

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Boy Meets World star Ethan Suplee looks unrecognisable after Dramatic Weight Loss


After a major bodily transformation, Boy Meets World actor Ethan Suplee is unrecognizable.

Suplee turned to an exercise program with a focus on strength training and a healthy eating plan after years of bouncing around from diet to diet, and that’s when everything fell into place. It’s no secret that Suplee has become a lot bigger in recent years, but the actor came to Instagram today to celebrate completing a year-long goal.

But first, he had to flaunt his abs. Suplee stated in his article that he set the objective of having “visible abs” last year and that he has come thus far. He posted a shirtless selfie of himself wearing short black shorts and a black baseball cap.

“It’s going to be a wonderfully tough year,” Ethan says, adding that he’s still working on noticeable obliques.

Suplee further stated that every diet he had followed over the past 20 years had resulted in his losing weight. But he’s never given any consideration to anything other than reducing weight. He is appreciative to his team for allowing him to participate in “maintenance periods,” which he claims is when his goals became “precisely pinpointed.”

“When I got bogged down with going to fast or too slow, @jared_feather took over programming for me, and I cannot sing his praises enough, thank you Jared.”

Ethan Suplee stated the photographs were not edited in an interview with Men’s Health. Suplee explained, “The shadows haven’t been enhanced. There’s loose skin. There are scars. This is who I am. I’m at my absolute pinnacle. I spent 35, 40 years without taking my shirt off in public.” Suplee got the look with the aid of his trainer, International Federation of Bodybuilding Pro Jared Feather, but it’s not one he intends to take further.

Suplee stated, “I was wondering if we could go further—eight percent or seven percent body fat. But then I thought about all the wacky diets I’ve done over the years and realized that I can’t keep doing this. Do I want to want to walk around looking like I look in those pictures? Honestly, I’m not sure I have what it takes.” Suplee said, “My instinct, as someone who has been trying to lose weight for so long, is that I want my numbers—the number on the scale, my body fat percentage—to go down. I’m trying now to learn to live in, and be happy with, the maintenance period.”

Suplee, who has previously starred in American History X, Remember the Titans, My Name Is Earl, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Without A Paddle, portrayed Frankie on Boy Meets World from 1994 to 1998 and has a podcast called American Glutton.

He routinely posts images of his gym exercises on Instagram, and last year he posted a before and after photo of his change, writing, “I have always been irritated by people who arrive to the front of a Starbucks line, and as if surprised by the question, “What can I get for you?” begin for the first time in their lives to consider the menu and available food items. I want to find these people to be the scum of the earth, to start threads on NextDoor decrying their atrocities. But the reality is, my issue has nothing to do with them at all.”

“For the majority of my life, all decisions have been made to avoid being noticed by others. So, my Starbucks order is thoroughly and exhaustively vetted and silently rehearsed to a stutter-free and concise perfection, before I even walk into the building. In watching these people who are able to stand before the masses without a care in the world, I cannot relate to their inner workings whatsoever. No part of their day is spent figuring out how to not be looked at.

“Strange for someone who became an actor to believe he didn’t want to be on display. The truth is, I’m disguised by the work that I’ve done. The wonder and question in someone’s head about if I’m that-guy-from-that-thing, has always been a distraction, another shield that hides me from actually being seen.”


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