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Woman re-creates Nicole Kidman’s iconic divorce Photo To Celebrate Newly Single Status


Woman re-creates Nicole Kidman’s iconic divorce Photo To Celebrate Newly Single Status


After divorcing her husband, a woman from California replicated Nicole Kidman’s iconic post-divorce paparazzi photo.


Liz Maupin, a 34-year-old Californian writer and producer, surprised 30 of her friends at her ‘divorce party’ by dressing in the same attire that Australian actress Nicole Kidman wore for her meeting with her attorneys 20 years earlier.

Maupin told TMRW, “I honestly think I only saw the photo for the first time a few years ago and I just loved it.  You can feel how relieved, how happy Nicole is to have it all over with.”

Maupin told BuzzFeed News that she had the top created just for her. Her amusing joke has since gone viral on Twitter.


She married comedian Danny Maupin in 2013, but the couple divorced in 2018 after their relationship ‘dissolved.’

“I wanted to celebrate the finality of it and starting a new chapter in my life,” she said. “I love that photo of Nicole so much. I think it says so much about relief and freedom.”

Maupin produced copies of the Kidman photo, framed them, and placed them in goody bags for her divorce celebration, where she surprised 30 of her closest pals with them. She also had a bespoke flowery top created in the style of Nicole Kidman’s and wore it with cargo trousers, much like the actress.


Maupin poses at the head of a table in the same posture as Kidman, wearing the same transparent patterned blouse and mint green pants, in a sequence of photos shared to her Instagram on Tuesday, August 31.

She claimed she looked for a similar chiffon flower top to Kidman’s for weeks before having one specially created for the event.

“It was so hard. I did a couple weeks of research, but the shirt was nowhere to be found,” she said. “There were even Reddit threads of people trying to find it.”

She changed into the dress midway through the gathering and emerged with arms wide out and exultant, exactly like Kidman. “Everyone cheered; it was so nice,” she continued.

Maupin believes the message of celebrating the end of a relationship that no longer serves someone struck a chord with a lot of people.

“It’s been overwhelmingly positive,” she said of the response. “There are a lot of women out there who have gotten out of unhealthy relationships and have said they felt very supported (seeing this).”

While leaving a “super difficult” marriage was “unhealthy,” Maupin knew it was the correct option – and one that lead her back to herself.

Ms Maupin told Buzzfeed, ‘It was absolutely empowering and so fun.’

‘I chose to make the party no-boys-allowed. I highly recommend having a divorce party if you find yourself divorced someday.

‘I think there’s still stigma around divorce, which is so unnecessary, and I wanted to really have a positive experience at the end of it all and just celebrate being me again, without a tether to another person, and starting over.’

She hopes Kidman realizes what an influence she has been to women who have gone through the breakup of a marriage and are looking for their next chapter.

She went on to say, “I hope [Nicole] sees it and is proud.”

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