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Tyron Woodley responds to accusations of “throwing” Jake Paul’s fight as he vows to hurt YouTuber

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley will lock horns with Jake Paul next Monday morning Credit: Alamy


Tyron Woodley responds to accusations of “throwing” Jake Paul’s fight as he vows to hurt YouTuber


Tyron Woodley has laughed off claims that he will ‘throw’ his bout with YouTube sensation Jake Paul.

The former UFC welterweight champion will face the YouTuber turned boxer in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday morning.

Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Paul has reached a fever pitch in terms of excitement and anticipation. However, this hasn’t stopped certain members of the combat sports world from accusing Woodley and Paul of match-fixing and fight-throwing.

Woodley has had to deal with allegations from fans that he just took the fight for the money throughout the build-up to his professional boxing debut.

“I’m taking it serious. That’s what I think,” he told Fight Hype.

“I think the amount of people that know me and know better than to call me and ask me – am I throwing this fight for money, or is it a real fight, or is it exhibition?


“Like, I don’t understand why people think in 2021, somebody’s willing to let somebody pay them for a fight when I’ve been nothing but a competitor for 30 years.

“And it’s kind of offensive. So, to me, I’m like, ‘Alright. Let me show everybody what it’s all about.’”

Woodley, 39, comes into his fight with Paul’s younger brother on the heels of four losses in a row.

A win against a social media sensation and boxing wunderkind like Jake Paul, it is believed, will be extremely advantageous to Woodley’s brand in the future.

The Missouri mauler, on the other hand, is sure that he’ll wreck the Paul hype train spectacularly.

“I’m here to f***ing takeover. You’re gonna see Jake Paul get hurt in a way you’d never imagine,” he stated during an interview on The MMA Hour.

“He may not want to do this again after this.

“This was my lifestyle before it became a sport, before it became a career.

“This was a bucket list thing he wanted to try, his following allowed him to do so. But this is in my DNA, it’s all I’ve been doing since I was a kid.”

However, Paul has stated that he feels he possesses the “natural power” to stop his opponent early in the fight, and his knockout prediction has been moved to the second round.

“Honestly, after this camp I said three things [rounds] And now I’m thinking, up to two,“ he said.

“But to be honest, I’m telling me that it’s going to be another round of fights that’s crazy to hear. I think it’s going to be a very short night for Tyrone.

“I’m just a different build. Some of me think I’m a natural fighter. I can teach a lot with natural power, but I can also teach speed. , I can’t even teach you power.

“I think that’s why my fight ended so quickly.

“When those 10 ounce grant gloves are on, I just grab them back and the knuckles are in front of the gloves. There is no way for these people’s heads to deal with this damage.”

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