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Donald Trump did not appear to donate $220,000 of his last Presidential Paychecks as promised, says report

Former US President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Donald Trump did not appear to donate $220,000 of his last Presidential Paychecks as promised, says report


According to a new report, former President Donald Trump donated his salary toward the conclusion of his tenure in office, as he had done often earlier in his presidency.

Donald Trump promised to give up all of his $400,000 annual presidential salary while in office. He gave the money to federal agencies during the first three and a half years of his administration.

“He donated to a Transportation Department infrastructure program in early 2018, during one of his many doomed attempts to hold ‘Infrastructure Week,’” according to the Washington Post.

He also grumbled on a regular basis about how no one mentioned his donations or thanked him sufficiently. He stated on several occasions that he was the only president who also donated his salary, which is false. JFK and Herbert Hoover also did it.

However, as The Washington Post revealed on Friday, it’s unclear if the money continued to flow as Trump’s presidency ended.

According to the Washington Post, no major federal agencies reported getting anything from Trump following a gift in July 2020.


“In recent weeks, The Post contacted 15 major federal departments, including the eight that Trump had given to before, plus five agencies whose leaders attend Cabinet meetings. None provided any confirmation of a gift from Trump after July 2020,” Fahrenthold writes.

“Trump’s White House never said where – or even if – he donated the last $220,000 of his salary, covering the final six months of 2020 and the first 20 days of 2021,” according to David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post, who has meticulously monitored Mr Trump’s personal and company finances.

Donald Trump stated on the campaign trail in 2015 that if elected, he would not accept a presidential salary. Trump opted to donate his income to government agencies rather than forego a paycheck, as the Constitution does not enable a president to do so.

Two separate spokesmen for Trump’s post-presidential office were also contacted by the Post. “Let me inquire and get back to you,” spokesperson Jason Miller said on June 10. He did not give any further information, though, and subsequently departed Trump’s office.

Miller was replaced as Trump’s spokesperson by Liz Harrington. When The Post asked again on July 21, she replied, “I will try to track this down.” Harrington has not replied to inquiries regarding the pledged funds since then.

According to the report, Mr Trump’s most recent donation was made to the National Park Service on July 23, 2020.

While it isn’t proof that a donation wasn’t made, Trump is so anxious for notoriety over these donations that it seems doubtful that he and his crew would keep it to themselves, as the article points out.

Mr Trump is not one to let a good deed go unnoticed, so a silent donation to a federal agency seems unlikely. And, according to the Post, Mr Trump continues to get a federal pension of more than $220,000 each year, which he has not committed to contribute.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Karen storey

    September 12, 2021 at 7:03 pm

    So let him keep it He deserves it He shoud have kept all of them for the way he was treated Poor man can not do anything without being jumped on. Let it go and start talking a look and what is going on now if you really want something to complain about .We are all tried of hearing or reading about Trump. Get over it . He did more for this country than any President for years. Yes he was rude but he stood tall and got the job done, with the thought of Americans first. Where are we americans now on the list?

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