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Princess Diana confessed she would’ve gone back to Charles ‘in a heartbeat’ after divorce


Princess Diana confessed she would’ve gone back to Charles ‘in a heartbeat’ after divorce


Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ relationship was notoriously turbulent, culminating in an infamous split and divorce. The pair married in July 1981 and separated in 1992. The couple ultimately divorced in August 1996, following four years of separation and escalating tensions.


According to Tina Brown, an award-winning journalist, Princess Diana revealed the summer before her death that she “would go back to Charles in a heartbeat if he wanted her.”

Former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown told The Daily Telegraph that the confession happened in July 1997, while she was having lunch with the 36-year-old princess at New York’s Four Seasons Restaurant. Diana also told Brown, author of “The Diana Chronicles,” that she had finally accepted her ex-husband’s love for Camilla Parker Bowles, and that the two were “on the best terms” before her death.

The late Princess of Wales died at the age of 36 in a vehicle accident in Paris in August 1997.



Ms Brown, 66, told The Daily Telegraph’s Camilla Tominey that Diana, clad in a mint green Chanel suit, informed her that she and Charles had ‘some laughs’ together and discussed their philanthropies at Kensington Palace when he came by for tea.

Brown revealed:

“At the end of Diana’s life, she and Charles were on the best terms they’d been for a very long time. Charles got into the habit of dropping in on her at Kensington Palace and they would have tea and a sort of rueful exchange. They even had some laughs together.

It was definitely calming down, the boys were older. They talked about their philanthropies. And she had accepted Camilla [Parker Bowles]. One thing she had finally done was really understand that Camilla was the love of his life, and there was just nothing she could do about it. But she said to me at that lunch that she would go back to Charles in a heartbeat if he wanted her.”


The Diana Chronicles is based on approximately 250 interviews with Diana’s close circle, as well as persons involved in her public life and philanthropic partners.


Brown is presently working on follow-up to her book on Diana, titled “The Palace Papers,” in which she alleges Diana was “possessive” and “terribly demanding and needy.”


Diana, the former Lady Diana Spencer, was 19 years old when she married Prince Charles in 1981 at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.


They met for the first time at Diana’s family house, Althorp House in Northamptonshire, when Diana was 16 and Charles was 28.

The Prince of Wales was dating Diana’s elder sister Sarah at the time, whom he was visiting for a weekend of pheasant shooting.

Brown went on to say that the princess was ‘desperately lonely,’ and that she wished her marriage had survived because she and Charles would have formed a ‘great team.’

Charles and Diana welcomed their first child, Prince William, in 1982, and their second, Prince Harry, in 1984.

Despite being a touch ‘delusional’ about her abilities, Ms Brown said Diana was on the verge of reinventing herself as a ‘seriously impactful person’ who understood what she wanted.

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