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Kids will not enjoy Meghan Markle’s book, experts claim


Kids will not enjoy Meghan Markle’s book, experts claim


According to a royal expert, Meghan Markle’s latest book is more geared to adults than children and has a ‘very dull’ cover.

Angela Levin, author of Harry: Conversations with the Prince, told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat that the subject matter of Meghan’s story is ‘not interesting’ to children.

‘Children’s books are directed at children. They like elephants, they like nasty tigers. They do not want a lecture about how different your relationship is with your father, whatever level of society you are at,’ she claimed.

‘This is a book for adults, not for children. Children are not interested in being told all of that. Also, it is a very dull cover.’

Children will not be interested in The Duchess of Sussex’s first book, according to an op-ed written in the British newspaper The Telegraph, since it focuses on “soupy stories about love and kindness.”

“They [children] certainly don’t like to be lectured,” Ella Whelan writes, “if there is a moral to the story, every good writer from Aesop to Road Dahl knows you’ve got to disguise it with a bit of fun.”


While parents may be interested in buying a celebrity-authored book for their children, Whelan writes that the children may not enjoy the content.

“From the preview, it looks like Meghan’s entry into children’s literature has more to do with her drive to nurture her and Harry’s new role as activist celebrities than a desire to connect with children,” Whelan notes.

Piers Morgan, another of Meghan’s harshest critics, has also slammed the book, calling it “beyond parody.”

“Lest we forget, Ms. Markle has ruthlessly disowned her father Thomas and refuses to have anything to do with him despite the fact they now live just 70 miles from each other,” the former Good Morning Britain host wrote in his Daily Mail online column.

“She is also reported to have disowned every other Markle, none of whom were invited to her wedding. This doesn’t seem like someone overly keen to operate ‘an inclusive lens’ to me. In fact, it seems a singularly EX-clusive lens.”

“She also spray-gunned Thomas in her lie-packed Oprah whine-a-thon in a manner that was more ‘ice, rage and irritation’ than ‘warmth, joy and comfort.'” he added.

“Notwithstanding Ms Markle’s seemingly unlimited thirst for committing attention-seeking acts of gargantuan hypocrisy, this seemed beyond parody. But it was real.”

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