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Meghan and Harry need ‘presidential-style security’ and are ‘worried’ over losing taxpayer funded protection

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘far from happy’ with life in the US. (PA)


Meghan and Harry need ‘presidential-style security’ and are ‘worried’ over losing taxpayer funded protection


After evacuating their Canadian estate last week due to a coronavirus outbreak, the pair will spend an estimated £4 million each year on security.

The topic of Meghan and Harry’s security staff has been a hot issue for weeks, ever since they declared their intention to retire from royal life. Their team of allegedly 15 guards had been paid for by Canadian and British taxpayers while they were living between Canada and England since December.

The Sun exclusively reported that Harry and Meghan will hire a formidable squad of former SAS operatives to keep an eye on them, with each operator charging £400 a day.

According to a celebrity bodyguard, they will require the best squad money can buy to keep them safe.

Russell Stuart, the head of the US security firm Force Protection Agency, stated that the Duke and Duchess would never be able to live ‘normal lives’ because to their popularity in the United States, and that keeping them safe would be a ‘nightmare.’

“Harry will find this difficult to come to terms with, the issue of security will be worrying them,” royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams told


“They have to security guards, if the taxpayer won’t pay, Prince Charles will, Harry needs protection, he has earnt it, he did two tours of Afghanistan.”

This comes after Canada said that they would no longer foot the price for their security services, raising worries over who would pick up the tab.

And they may find this “difficult to come to terms with” according to reports.

Hollywood Harry and Meghan Markle may have chosen the worst moment to leave Canada and go to a crime-ridden region of the world.

Russell, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Post Malone in the past, told the Sun Online: “The US is a completely different place to Canada.


“There are more guns than there are people and just in general we have a higher level of crime which does make the move risky. Not that they couldn’t be safe here, it’s just a different environment.


“If Meghan is looking to get back into acting and is spending large parts of her day at a studio she will be very well protected there as they already have heavy security.

“My worry would be Harry. What is he going to be doing with his day? If he wanted to go for a jog, it would require a huge amount of planning.


“If he wanted to go anywhere for lunch, it would come with a huge amount of security issues.

“Famous people, unfortunately, cannot live normal lives and Harry will definitely never be able to do that here.”

But, once again, if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle honestly want to avoid the media attention, they’re going about it incorrectly.


Russell Stuart verifies this: Hollywood’s paparazzi are relentless, necessitating presidential-style protection.

“It could go from 20 paparazzi to 200 people very quickly and would be a security nightmare.

“Anyone who is a celebrity is a target for kidnappers, death, scammers or paps and it’s sad that they can’t escape that.


“It is going to be stressful for their close protection team. They will need to be hyper-vigilant. They are one of the biggest targets.”


“He’s one of the most famous faces on earth. Him not wanting his royal title is irrelevant.”

It comes after President Trump stated on Twitter that he would not pay for the Sussexes’ security.


The couple answered, saying, “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no plans to ask the U.S government for security resources. Privately funded security arrangements have been made.”


Although the couple has stated that they will cover the costs, Prince Charles will contribute while they “get on their feet”.

Meghan and Harry resigned as senior royals earlier this year, stating that they wanted to be “financially independent”


The Sussexes have already agreed to reimburse the £2.4 million in government funds used to renovate their Frogmore Cottage house near Windsor, and they are anticipated to pay a monthly commercial rent of around £30,000 for it.

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