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‘Catwoman’ Jocelyn Wildenstein is back in the headlines


‘Catwoman’ Jocelyn Wildenstein is back in the headlines


Jocelyn Wildenstein, the socialite who rose to fame as ‘Catwoman’ in the 1990s due to her cat-like looks, has posed for her first big photoshoot in two decades.

Wildenstein recently opened up to Paper magazine and offered some fresh photographs as well as updates on her extremely odd life. With a sash, crown, and scepter, the Swedish-born Wildenstein is dressed like a queen. Her hair is dazzling golden and worn in cascading curls, and she’s dressed in a silver gown glittering with diamonds.

Despite her exaggerated feline characteristics, which have made her the target of countless jokes about excessive cosmetic surgery, Wildenstein maintains that she didn’t have much work done.

She tells the magazine that she avoided the public because of her teenage children, adding, “When the children were growing, I didn’t want to speak about the family. I didn’t want it to fall back on them. But now they are adults, so I am free and can speak freely.”


That hasn’t stopped images of her from surfacing in the news when she goes out and is photographed by paparazzi.

Via DailyMail

‘It makes me sad to see myself on the screen. We have pictures of ourselves in our head that are different than what we project,’ she said, admitting that when she sees a photo of herself she thinks, ‘Oh, that’s me?’

She doesn’t want to think about her acrimonious divorce (during which her ex-husband threatened her with a pistol) or how her ex-husband portrayed her as a plastic surgery junkie.

Cosmetic surgery addict Jocelyn Wildenstein evolution. Via DailyMail

‘In the beginning, it’s why I stopped correcting my appearance because the articles were mean and would repeat the image that my ex-husband tried to paint of me,’ she said.

She maintains that her famed catlike appearance is hereditary, claiming that photos of her mother’s eyes reveal a similar shape to hers. “This was a story,” she recalls, “and it was one he chose very well because it stuck to me like glue. But the friends I had in Africa, or some friends I’ve had since we were 17, 20, 23 years old, they know me.”


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