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Princess Diana ‘was much more intelligent’ than she made out

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Princess Diana ‘was much more intelligent’ than she made out


Jennie Bond, a veteran royal expert, has said that the ‘shrewd and intelligent’ Princess Diana was often underrated and was far more intelligent than people assumed.


Princess Diana was frequently portrayed as a naïve young woman who was overwhelmed after marrying into the royal family at the age of 20.

According to royal expert Jennie Bond, she was a highly brilliant woman who was underestimated by many.

Mrs Bond, 67, who covered the monarchy for the BBC for 14 years, told Harper’s Bazaar that there was more to the late Princess Diana than meets the eye.

“Princess Diana was far more articulate, coherent, shrewd, and strong than I had anticipated,” Mrs Bond recalled.

“She was funny and much more intelligent than she made out.

“She was a cleverer women than people thought.”

Prince Charles, on the other hand, was ‘very troubled’ throughout Jennie’s time knowing him, and she’s glad to see him happy in later life with Camilla.

“I’m glad he found contentment in later life with the love of his life at his side,” she said, referring to Camilla. “He’s got a sense of humour which I like. I would joke with him around the world; we’d have laughs together.”

That sense of humour might have originated from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who, according to Bond, “…has a dry, rye sense of humour, she’s quite funny and has a dazzling smile.”

While admitting that being a royal comes with a lot of perks, the journalist acknowledged that she feels sorry for the family in certain aspects.

‘I feel sympathy for the destiny they are born in to, the restrictions and constrictions it places on their lives,’ she remarked, pointing out that Harry and William were unable to select what they wanted to do with their life in the same way that most other men do.

Jennie has also recently spoken up on Meghan’s new status in the family, claiming that the Duchess of Cambridge is probably relieved to see the former Suits star moving into the spotlight.

“I think it will come as something of a relief for Catherine to have someone else to share all the press attention,” Mrs Bond remarked.

“She’s been the star of the Royal Family for some years now, and that kind of scrutiny must be wearing, especially when you are pregnant and probably feeling quite tired and pre-occupied.

“She now has a woman of a very similar age to help soak up the pressure, and with whom she can share the very strange experience of becoming a member of the royal family.

“I hope they become the best of friends. They certainly seem to get on very well.

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