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Christopher Nolan explains why he will never make a comedy



Christopher Nolan explains why he will never make a comedy


Christopher Nolan has stated that he will never do a comedy film.

“I would try anything, I think, except comedy or romantic comedy. Those are very tough genres to work in,” the renowned filmmaker told USA Today.

The director, who worked on Interstellar, a space exploration film starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Sir Michael Caine, insists that shooting a comedy would not be a welcome challenge because it is so easy for viewers to dismiss a comedy that isn’t funny.

“They rely on unanimity of audience response. You screen a comedy for people, and if they don’t laugh, you’ve got to figure out a way to make them laugh.

“There’s no hiding behind the art of the film. There’s, ‘Oh, you don’t get it’.”

Even though Nolan has basically responded to scientific criticisms of Interstellar with, “Oh, you don’t get it,” he does have a point that after making a comedy, a filmmaker can’t rely on a convoluted structure to enlighten (or obfuscate) audiences. People won’t appreciate it if the jokes don’t land, even if you went out of your way to explain why it’s hilarious and shot it all in IMAX.


Nolan recently acknowledged to having had discussions about directing James Bond, but that nothing has come of it and that the series did not “need” him.

“I love James Bond and I’ve talked with the producers over the years, but nothing’s ever worked out,” he told The Daily Beast.

“They do a great job – they don’t need me right now, and Sam [Mendes] is an extraordinary talent.

“I will absolutely be first in line to see the next Bond film as I have been for all of them.”

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