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Marilyn Monroe was so filthy and untidy

Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 (Image: GETTY)


Marilyn Monroe was so filthy and untidy


A recent news story reveals that the Hollywood s^x symbol, Marilyn Monroe, had poor hygiene that repulsed British actor Peter Lawford.

Lawford, who was close to Monroe through his friendship with Frank Sinatra, turned down the opportunity to be intimate with Monroe due to her hygiene issues.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Lawford’s son, confirmed this and stated that his father did, however, have a physical relationship with Peyton Place star Lana Turner, whom he considered the best lover he had.

In another related news article, Christopher Kennedy Lawford reveals that he turned to drugs at the young age of 13 to cope with the feeling of inadequacy he felt compared to his powerful family members, including his assassinated uncles, John and Bobby Kennedy.

By the time Lawford turned 20, he had become a heroin addict.

In an interview, Lawford stated that he felt like he could never measure up to the standard of his uncles, who had achieved the American dream but were martyred presidents.


“I was born with the American dream fulfilled.

“I felt I could never measure up.

“The standard was being a dead martyred president,” said Lawford.

He further explained that the public murders of his uncles left him feeling trapped and helpless, and drugs seemed like the only way out.

“Two of my uncles had been brutally and publicly murdered, and I was looking for a way out.

“Drugs were easily available, and I had a genetic predisposition to addiction,” he added.

It is well-known that Marilyn Monroe was a celebrated actress and s^x symbol in the 1950s and 1960s.

Her personal life, however, was filled with controversy and turmoil, including several failed marriages and struggles with mental health issues.

Lawford’s revelation sheds light on another aspect of Monroe’s life that has not been discussed in detail before.

Monroe’s hygiene issues could have contributed to her overall image and reputation as a Hollywood star.

Lawford himself had a successful career in Hollywood and was part of the famous Kennedy family.

He appeared in several films and TV shows, including The Rat Pack, Frasier, and General Hospital.

He later became an author and wrote several books about addiction and recovery.

Unfortunately, Lawford passed away in 2018 due to a heart attack.

The Kennedy family has been the subject of intense public scrutiny over the years due to their wealth, power, and political influence.

The assassinations of John and Bobby Kennedy continue to be a topic of debate and speculation.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford’s story sheds light on the struggles faced by the Kennedy family members who were not in the public eye but were affected by the tragedies that befell their family.

Lawford’s battle with addiction and his subsequent recovery is an inspiration to many who are struggling with similar issues.

He was open about his struggles and used his platform to raise awareness about addiction and recovery.

His legacy lives on through his work and his family, who continue to honor his memory.

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