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John Wayne’s wife almost shot him in out of anger


John Wayne’s wife almost shot him in out of anger


John Wayne, an iconic conservative figure in Hollywood, was known for his love of Latin women and his tempestuous second marriage to Esperanza ‘Chata’ Baur.

In her book “John Wayne: My Father,” his daughter Aissa revealed that their marriage was loveless and increasingly s^xless.

She also disclosed that Baur was a high-priced call-girl with scandalous secrets.

Despite the warnings of his friends, Wayne married Baur, whom he had fallen in love with.

Their marriage was a tumultuous one and lasted for seven years.

During this time, they separated numerous times.

Their divorce proceedings in 1954 became a tawdry court case with lurid details that both sides quickly settled to avoid any further damage to their careers.

Wayne’s testimony from the divorce trial was made public and revealed the explosive section where his wife almost shot him when she suspected him of having an affair with co-star Gail Russell.

Wayne said, “Chata had a forty-five in her hand. She and her mother were fighting over it.”

Chata testified that she thought Wayne was a burglar, and they both accused each other of infidelity and physical cruelty.

Wayne responded with 31 charges of his own and claimed that he had only ever touched his wife to protect himself from her drunken attacks.

The trial generated bad publicity for both parties, and they agreed on an “uncommon divorce” where neither side conceded to any of the charges.

Under the terms of the divorce settlement, either party could remarry after 12 months.

Wayne kept his Encino estate and agreed to pay off all of Chata’s debts, give her $150,000 upfront, and $60,000 a year for six years.

Chata became a wealthy woman, but her addictions followed her, and she was found dead in a hotel room in Mexico City shortly after the payments ended.

The cause of her death was given as a heart attack, but the room was strewn with alcohol bottles.

Wayne quickly remarried to a 21-year-old actress, Pilar Pallete, and had three children with her.

They remained married until his death in 1979 but had separated in 1973 when he began an affair with his secretary, Pat Stacy.

Wayne’s affair with his secretary Pat Stacy became public, and it caused a scandal.

His children, especially Aissa, were upset by his infidelity.

Aissa later recalled in her book that she was furious with her father for breaking up her parents’ marriage and causing her mother so much pain.

Despite their separation, Wayne and Pallete remained married until his death.

Wayne had become a staunch conservative figure in Hollywood and was seen as a symbol of traditional American values.

He was known for his roles in Western films and was an Academy Award winner.

However, his personal life was not always in line with his public image.

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