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Euphoria actress hates getting n/ked on TV: ‘I feel dirty’


Euphoria actress hates getting n/ked on TV: ‘I feel dirty’


Sydney Sweeney, who played Cassie Howard in the HBO series Euphoria, says her work on the show has been overlooked by critics, and she thinks it’s partly because of the n/d^ty in her scenes.

However, the actress has made it clear that she felt comfortable during those scenes, thanks to creator Sam Levinson.

In a recent interview, Sweeney revealed that Levinson always took her notes for Cassie seriously, and if she felt the n/de scenes weren’t necessary, he would take them out of the script.

“Sam is amazing. There are moments where Cassie was supposed to be shirtless and I would tell Sam, ‘I don’t really think that’s necessary here.’

“He was like. ‘Okay, we don’t need it.’…I have never felt like Sam has pushed it on me or was trying to get a n/de scene into an HBO show.

“When I didn’t want to do it, he didn’t make me.”


However, Sweeney has had negative experiences with n/de scenes in the past, and they made her feel disgusted and uncomfortable.

She shared that after filming explicit scenes in some projects, she would want to scrub herself until she was raw because she just wasn’t comfortable with it.

“I didn’t feel comfortable with my castmate or the crew, and I just didn’t feel like my character would be doing it,” she said.

Sweeney’s attitude towards filming intimate scenes could be an inspiration to upcoming actresses who feel like they cannot say no for the sake of their careers.

She believes that women get degraded for doing the same thing men win Oscars for and has called out the double standards around n/d^ty in the entertainment industry.

Sweeney became the talk of the town after playing Olivia Mossbacher in The White Lotus.

Despite the fact that Euphoria was released before it, she agrees that her hard work was finally getting appreciated after The White Lotus.

This bothers the actress because she believes her work in Euphoria was great but is not given as much credit because of the fact that she got n/ked in it.

She is unhappy with the way her work as Cassie was received.

“With The White Lotus, I felt like people were finally recognizing the hard work I’ve been doing.

“This is something that has bothered me for a while.

“I’m very proud of my work in Euphoria.

“I thought it was a great performance.

“But no one talks about it because I got n/ked.

“I do The White Lotus, and all of a sudden, critics are paying attention. People are loving me.

“They’re going, ‘Oh my God, what’s she doing next?’ I was like, ‘Did you not see that in Euphoria? Did you not see that in The Handmaid’s Tale?’”

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