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Woman takes disgusting Revenge on cheating boyfriend


Woman takes disgusting Revenge on cheating boyfriend


A woman has confessed to taking an extreme form of ‘gross’ vengeance on her unfaithful boyfriend.

After sharing her story on the internet, people are divided on whether her actions are disgusting or ‘hilarious.’

Ending a relationship is always difficult, especially when the cause is infidelity. Some people find solace in seeking retribution against their former partner.

In an extreme case of revenge, a woman revealed how she exacted a ‘gross’ form of payback on her boyfriend who cheated on her with her best friend.

On the widely-used video-sharing platform TikTok, Ella, who has amassed over 250,000 followers on her account @ellsbellesboutiquexx, expressed her pride in getting even.

The TikTok video, which has garnered over 42,000 views, recounts Ella admitting that she urinated on her deceitful partner’s clothes, claiming he ‘deserved it.’


Ella shared her story: “I was 15 at the time and my friend – who we’re going to call Millie for the purpose of this video – was the year above me at school and she was 16.

“Her mum was going away for the weekend and it was around Valentine’s Day so we thought, ‘yes, let’s throw a Valentine’s Day party’.

“It’s the day of the party – we invited a load of people from our school and there were loads of boys going, including our boyfriends. It was going to be so much fun!

“We were getting ready together and when everyone started turning up it was so much fun.”

“As it was getting a little bit later I couldn’t find my boyfriend and my friend, so I thought, ‘where are they?'”

After searching for the pair and asking party attendees if they’d seen them, Ella eventually found them in one of the rooms.

“She was sat on his lap on the bed and they were kissing,” she recalled.

“My little 15-year-old heart broke. I literally thought it was the end of the world. I had never been so sad in my life – I just couldn’t believe it.

“I was like, ‘you’re such an idiot, how could you do this to me?!’ I burst into tears and I called my mum to come and pick me up. I was so angry.”

“I was thinking how could I get revenge? I need to get revenge on this person because this is not fair!

“He had just bought himself a new coat – he was really proud of it. I think this coat had cost him a couple of hundred pounds and it was the new thing.”

“I went downstairs – his coat was in the cloakroom. I thought, ‘screw it!’!

Laughing, Ella confessed: “I weed all over his coat! When I think of it now it’s so gross but at the time I thought that it was hilarious and he’s going to hate me for it.

“I was there, I was weeing all over it, and by that time my mum was there to pick me up. I ran out of the house and never spoke to him again.”

“I’m so proud of myself for doing it – if any of you are looking at how to get revenge then that’s the best way for doing it,” Ella concluded.

Since sharing her story on TikTok, the business owner has ignited a heated debate about whether her revenge is ‘gross’ or ‘hilarious.’

In the comments section, one person remarked: “That’s savage.”

“Brilliant,” another chimed in.

A third commented: “That’s hilarious!”

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