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Why Brad Pitt hates Tom Cruise


Why Brad Pitt hates Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, both successful and attractive actors, have had a longstanding feud that has surprised many.

Their rivalry reportedly stems from their competitive nature, with Cruise being the biggest A-list name of the ’80s and Pitt of the ’90s.

However, their enmity goes deeper than friendly competition.

The feud between the two actors began in 1994 while filming Interview with the Vampire, where Pitt played a brooding vampire alongside Cruise, a megastar.

Pitt took the maudlin mood of the movie to a whole new level, and working with Cruise did not help.

In an interview, Pitt admitted that he “started really resenting” Cruise during the filming.


Pitt felt that there was an underlying competition between them that got in the way of any real conversation.

Even after the film wrapped, Pitt and Cruise never patched up their differences.

In 2009, the actors were competing for best box office hit with their respective World War II dramas.

Pitt’s Inglourious Basterds won, and he was not gracious in his victory, calling Cruise’s flop, Valkyrie, “a ridiculous movie.”

However, his agent later debunked the quote as “inaccurate.”

The feud between the two actors was further exacerbated when Pitt’s ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, became involved.

In 2010, Cruise was up for the lead role as a CIA agent-turned-spy in Salt, but Jolie swooped in to claim the role.

It is unclear whether Pitt had anything to do with the change, but the drama must have been entertaining for him.

After Pitt and Jolie divorced in 2017, rumors spread that she and Cruise were having “secret romantic meetings.”

The pair allegedly hit it off after meeting up to discuss a potential film project.

However, the rumors were later proved to be false.

Despite the rumors, it is clear that there is no love lost between Cruise and Pitt.

According to an industry source, their feud has been ongoing for at least 25 years.

Although they have not been seen together publicly in recent years, they have crossed paths at various Hollywood events.

In 2018, for example, Cruise reportedly ignored Pitt at a pre-Oscars party.

The two actors have also taken different paths in their personal lives. Cruise is a devout Scientologist, while Pitt has been open about his skepticism of organized religion.

Pitt has also been vocal about his struggles with alcoholism and his journey to sobriety, while Cruise has been known to avoid alcohol altogether.

Despite their differences, Cruise and Pitt have achieved incredible success in their respective careers.

Cruise has starred in numerous blockbuster hits, including Top Gun and Mission: Impossible, while Pitt has won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and starred in critically acclaimed films like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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