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Nigel Barker was assaulted at 8 years old


Nigel Barker was assaulted at 8 years old


Renowned fashion photographer Nigel Barker recently opened up about a traumatic childhood incident in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Barker, now 43, courageously recounted the first-time public disclosure of an attempted molestation when he was only 8 years old.

Speaking on Nigel Barker’s Gentleman’s Code, he explained how the assault has had a lifelong impact.

The photographer recalled his daily walk home from school as a young boy when he encountered a man, who he guessed to be around 40 years old, asking for directions.

Barker, in his innocence, led the man to his destination.

Upon arrival, the man claimed he couldn’t read, so Barker read the names on the door buzzers for him.

The man then pushed him from behind, causing him to fall inside the building with the door closed behind him.

Trapped between the stairwell and the closed door, Barker found himself pinned down by the much larger man, who proceeded to pull down his trousers and pants.

In a stroke of luck, the frightened boy managed to kick his attacker, momentarily incapacitating him and allowing Barker to escape.

It took Barker nearly three years to reveal the incident, prompted by his sister’s confession of being sexually assaulted by a neighbor.

He admitted that feelings of humiliation, fear, and guilt initially prevented him from speaking up.

The incident remains vivid in his memory, even after more than 30 years.

Compounding the family’s distress, their father chose to forgive the man who assaulted Barker’s sister.

This decision left a lasting impact on both siblings, with Barker revealing his own assault experience, only to be initially met with disbelief from his family.

Despite the police discovering multiple young victims in their community, Barker highlighted the persistent stigma surrounding sexual assault.

He emphasized the importance of survivors speaking out and parents educating their children in order to combat this issue.

Admitting that discussing the incident was challenging, Barker expressed his determination to share his story in the hopes of protecting others from similar experiences.


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