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Jenny McCarthy used ‘over 400 vibrators’ before settling


Jenny McCarthy used ‘over 400 vibrators’ before settling


During a recent appearance on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show, Jenny McCarthy spoke about her journey to find “the one.”

After her breakup with Jim Carrey, she spent a year alone, not dating or having s–.

“Basically, I wanted a year of…I was just by myself,” said McCarthy.

However, Stern called her out when it came to being sexual, addressing that she must have at least dedicated some time for a little solo love.

McCarthy confirmed that she had indulged in “me time” and had “gone through probably 400 vibrators.”

Despite her numerous attempts at finding a partner, McCarthy found love with Donnie Wahlberg. They will be getting married “in a couple of months” in front of “around 80” of their nearest and dearest.


McCarthy revealed that there will be no celebrities present at the nuptials, but her soon-to-be famous brother-in-law Mark Wahlberg may attend if he’s available.

She also put to rest any rumors that Mark didn’t approve of his brother’s fiancée, stating that she met Mark and his wife, Rhea Durham, this past summer, and they were “very lovely.”

McCarthy shared that her children are very much part of their wedding and that they are not opting for traditional roles like best man.

She said, “Let’s just say our children are very much part of our wedding.”

In addition to discussing her personal life, McCarthy talked about her new show, Dirty, Sexy, Funny With Jenny McCarthy, which will air every Wednesday on Sirius XM stars at 6:00 p.m. starting this week.

During the show, she plans to cover topics such as motherhood, pop culture, and s–.

“I’ll be interviewing people who are s– experts, people who are dating experts, people who are relationship experts,” said McCarthy.

She also plans to have a segment called “Girlfriend Time,” where she’ll talk with her friends about everything from their personal lives to current events.

McCarthy is excited to have her own show, saying, “I feel like I’ve finally grown up, and I have something to say.”

She hopes her show will empower women and give them a platform to discuss taboo subjects.

McCarthy also discussed her time on The View, stating that she didn’t enjoy her experience there.

“I was not allowed to be the best of me,” she said.

She felt that she couldn’t express her opinions and was often asked to tone down her personality.

However, McCarthy had nothing but positive things to say about her former co-host, Barbara Walters.

“She was a pioneer in her own right,” said McCarthy.

“She was one of the reasons why women have voices now on television.”

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