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Hollywood ‘exploited my whole childhood’: actress Jennette McCurdy


Hollywood ‘exploited my whole childhood’: actress Jennette McCurdy


Jennette McCurdy, the 30-year-old former iCarly star and soon-to-be author of the memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died, is candidly discussing the long-term impact of growing up in the spotlight.

In an interview with The New York Times, McCurdy expressed that her mother, Debra McCurdy, failed to safeguard her from the darker side of the entertainment industry during her formative years.

“My entire childhood and teenage years were heavily exploited,” she said.

“It still triggers my nervous system when I say it. There were instances when people had good intentions but were ignorant of the consequences, as well as instances where they were fully aware of their actions.”

McCurdy alleges that her mother neglected to intervene in instances like being served alcohol by an influential figure she refers to as the Creator, or when she was coerced into posing in a bikini as a teenager.

Instead, Debra would remind Jennette: “Everyone wants what you have.”


Marcus McCurdy, Jennette’s brother, agreed that their mother contributed to a tumultuous upbringing.

He told the Times, “You were constantly on edge — unsure if you’d be met with kind mom or unstable mom on any given day.”

“One moment she’d be pleasant, the next she’d be lashing out at everyone. Every holiday was riddled with drama.”

“She’d lose her composure on Christmas if anything was less than perfect.”

Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette’s iCarly co-star, admitted to being unaware of her colleague’s struggles during filming.

Cosgrove, now 29, explained, “When you’re young, you’re so consumed by your own thoughts.”

“You don’t consider that those around you might be experiencing greater difficulties. You wouldn’t expect that from someone who constantly made everyone laugh.”

Now, McCurdy is focusing on moving forward and forging her own path.

“I believe things should flow naturally,” she said.

“A significant portion of my life was about forcing and pushing things. I’ll embrace what’s working and let go of what isn’t.”

McCurdy has been outspoken about her decision to leave acting, which only occurred after her mother’s passing in 2013.

In a March 2021 episode of her Empty Inside podcast, she elaborated on her dissatisfaction with her acting career.

“Though I was a famous 19-year-old with money and seemingly everything at my disposal, I was deeply unhappy and actually resented my life because I disliked the projects I was involved in,” McCurdy admitted.

“It’s challenging to admit, given how beloved the shows I starred in were by numerous people and children. I often hear, ‘You made my childhood,’ and I’m glad they had that experience.”

“However, my experience was entirely different, and I felt immense shame — which I couldn’t recognize at the time — for not enjoying the act of delivering lines on a brightly lit, superficial set. It seemed so meaningless and trivial.”

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