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Shakira realized Gerard Piqué was cheating from her tin of jam


Shakira realized Gerard Piqué was cheating from her tin of jam


It has been reported that Shakira discovered that Gerard Piqué was cheating on her due to a jar of jam.

The rumors state that Shakira returned from a trip and noticed that some jam had been consumed, which made her suspicious as Gerard is not a fan of jam.

This revelation about the jar of jam comes as Shakira has released a breakup song and diss track directed towards Piqué, entitled “BZRP Music Session #53”.

It is said that she has been playing this song non-stop from her house, with a witch doll appearing on the balcony facing her ex mother-in-law’s home.

In this breakup song, Shakira sings, “You left me as a neighbor to the mother-in-law / With the press at the door and the debt at the IRS / You thought you’d hurt me, but you made me tougher / Women don’t cry anymore, women invoice.”

Additionally, it is reported that Shakira made a subtle reference to the jar of jam incident in the music video for her song with Rauw Alejandro, “Te Felicito,” where she opens a fridge and finds Alejandro’s head on a plate.


On the other hand, Gerard has seemingly responded to the song through his actions.

He is reported to have driven a Twingo and worn a Casio, which are believed to be references to the lyrics, “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo / You traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

The lyrics in Shakira’s diss track also include, “No hard feelings, baby, I wish you the best with my supposed replacement / I don’t even know what happened to you / You’re so weird that I can’t even tell you apart / I’m worth two 22’s.”

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