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James Corden apologizes for being abusive


James Corden apologizes for being abusive


James Corden, the popular talk show host, has issued an apology for his recent behavior that led to a ban from the renowned New York restaurant, Balthazar.

He acknowledged that his behavior, which was described as “abusive” by the restaurant’s owner, was wrong.

In the opening of Monday’s episode of “The Late Late Show”, Corden admitted that he had made a “rude comment” to a server at the restaurant.

“I have been walking around thinking that I hadn’t done anything wrong, right? But the truth is I have. I made a rude comment, and it was wrong. It was an unnecessary comment. It was ungracious to the server,” Corden said.

The incident occurred after Corden’s wife was repeatedly served food that she was allergic to, despite the restaurant being warned about her food allergies.

After the third time that the meal came back incorrect, Corden made a sarcastic comment about cooking the food himself.


“It is a comment I deeply regret,” Corden stated.

Last week, Balthazar’s owner, Keith McNally, posted on Instagram that Corden had been banned from dining at the restaurant due to his “abusive” behavior towards the staff.

However, hours later, McNally reversed the ban after Corden apologized profusely. Corden confirmed that he had called McNally immediately and expressed his upset about the situation.

“We had a good talk. He appreciated the call. I was happy that we got to clear the air, and I felt like we dealt with it privately. But by this point, the story was out there and, well, people were upset,” Corden said.

When asked why he had waited a week to apologize, Corden stated that he likes to adopt a British attitude of “keep calm and carry on” and never complain or explain.

However, his father pointed out that he did complain and that he needed to explain. Corden acknowledged that when you make a mistake, you have to take responsibility.

Corden praised Balthazar and expressed his love for the restaurant and its staff. He hopes to be welcomed back the next time he visits New York so that he can make his apologies in person.

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