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How Shanquella Robinson’s friends plotted to kill her during vacation


How Shanquella Robinson’s friends plotted to kill her during vacation


The death of Shanquella Robinson has sparked outrage and confusion across the internet, as new evidence suggests that the tragedy may have been a premeditated act by her own friends.

Shanquella had traveled with six friends to Cabo, Mexico for a birthday trip, but she passed away shortly after arriving.

The friends claimed that she had died from alcohol poisoning, but a recent police report and autopsy have painted a different picture of what may have actually happened.

According to Shanquella’s mother, her best friend Khalil Cook called her the day after they arrived in Cabo to tell her that Shanquella was feeling ill from drinking too much alcohol.

Despite medical staff’s attempts to resuscitate her, she passed away and the group returned home to North Carolina with her luggage but left her body in Mexico.

However, the autopsy revealed that her cause of death was a severe spinal cord injury and atlantoaxial subluxation, not alcohol poisoning.


The police report claimed that Shanquella’s friends told medical staff that she had drunk a lot of alcohol and was found dehydrated, but they refused to take her to the hospital.

The report also stated that she passed away at 6pm, but the autopsy lists her time of death as 3pm, a difference of three hours that raises suspicions about the accuracy of the police report.

The autopsy made no mention of alcohol in her system, leading many to believe that her friends were lying about the cause of death.

These suspicions were confirmed when a video leaked online showing one of Shanquella’s friends, Dejanae Jackson, hitting her repeatedly without any intervention from the rest of the group.

In the video, Khalil could be heard encouraging Shanquella to fight back.

It is believed that Shanquella may have been injured in a fight, especially since it was reported that Winter Donovan also hit Shanquella and slammed her into a wall.

The tragedy has raised numerous questions about what actually happened in Cabo and why Shanquella’s friends would have hurt her.

The FBI is investigating the case, but so far, no one has been charged with her death.

The entire community is still demanding answers and justice for Shanquella.

This story is a shocking reminder of the dangers of trusting others, especially when traveling to foreign countries.

It also highlights the importance of proper investigations and thorough autopsies to uncover the truth in such cases.

The loss of Shanquella Robinson is a tragedy, and her family and friends deserve to know what really happened to her.

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