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Paris Hilton arrested for drugs possession after World Cup match

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Paris Hilton arrested for drugs possession after World Cup match


Paris Hilton, an American socialite and television star, was arrested on drug possession charges after being found with marijuana at a World Cup match in South Africa.

The match took place in the southern city of Port Elizabeth and featured Brazil and the Netherlands.

Hilton’s friend, Jennifer Rovero, was also charged and found guilty of possession of marijuana.

During the hearing, which took place around 12:20 am (local time), Hilton appeared as “Accused No. 1” and was represented in one of South Africa’s dedicated World Cup courts.

She appeared relaxed and wore a beige dress with a glittery necklace, while her hair was styled in two ponytails.

Despite the charges against her, Hilton was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing by magistrate Xolile Dlulisa.


“The charges against you, Accused No. 1, are dropped,” Dlulisa said. “Thank you, your honor,” Hilton replied before leaving the court following the three-minute hearing.

In contrast, Rovero was ordered to either spend 30 days in jail or pay a fine of 1,000 rand ($152).

She ultimately chose to pay the fine. Hilton rose to fame in 2003 when a video of her sexual escapades with her boyfriend was leaked on the internet.

She then gained further notoriety as a co-star of the reality show “The Simple Life,” in which she and her friend Nicole Ritchie lived at a country farm and experienced a lifestyle that was far removed from their usual surroundings.

Since her time on “The Simple Life,” Hilton has appeared in films and released musical recordings, but her acting and singing efforts have only been recognized with three Razzie Awards, which are parodies of the Oscars that are given out for the worst screen performances.

In 2007, Hilton served 23 days in jail for violating probation related to an alcohol-related reckless driving conviction, which sparked a media frenzy in the United States.

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