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How Harry Hamlin blew his audition for Indiana Jones in minutes

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How Harry Hamlin blew his audition for Indiana Jones in minutes


Harry Hamlin, a well-known actor, has recently shared a story about his experience auditioning for the role of Indiana Jones in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

According to Hamlin, the audition took place in 1978 and he was asked to audition alongside Stephanie Zimbalist, who was also trying out for the part of Marion.

When they arrived at the audition, Steven Spielberg, one of the directors of the film, informed them that George Lucas, the other director, would be late.

In the meantime, Spielberg asked Hamlin and Zimbalist to bake a chocolate cake in the production studio’s kitchen while they waited for Lucas to arrive.

Hamlin recalled that after Spielberg left the room, he and Zimbalist spent about 40 minutes attempting to make the cake without any instructions.

During this time, Hamlin mentioned a story to Zimbalist about a friend who was being stalked by Spielberg.


Hamlin explained that his friend, Amy Irving, had been receiving unwanted attention from the director and had become annoyed by it.

Unbeknownst to Hamlin and Zimbalist, the kitchen was wired with cameras and microphones, and Spielberg and Lucas were upstairs watching and listening to the actors’ conversation.

Hamlin later realized that they had been in the middle of the audition while they were baking the cake.

Despite the fact that Hamlin and Zimbalist had good chemistry during the audition, the role of Indiana Jones ultimately went to Harrison Ford, and Karen Allen played Marion.

It is unclear if either of them were also asked to bake a cake during their audition.

Hamlin shared his experience with Page Six, stating that he had never worked with Spielberg and never will in the future. He also admitted that he never learned how to make a cake.

The story of Hamlin’s audition for Raiders of the Lost Ark has generated a lot of attention and curiosity, particularly given the fact that the film was a major success and helped to establish the careers of many of the actors who were involved in it.

It is not uncommon for actors to go through a rigorous audition process in order to land a role in a film or television show.

However, the fact that Hamlin and Zimbalist were asked to bake a cake as part of the audition is somewhat unusual.

It is possible that this was a way for Spielberg and Lucas to gauge the actors’ chemistry and see how they worked together in a less formal setting.

Regardless of the reason for the cake-baking task, it is clear that Hamlin and Zimbalist’s audition for Raiders of the Lost Ark was a memorable one.

Despite not landing the role, Hamlin has had a successful career in Hollywood and has appeared in a number of notable films and television shows.

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