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Farrah Abraham arrested forcefully after slapping security guard


Farrah Abraham arrested forcefully after slapping security guard


On January 15, Farrah Abraham, a former star of the reality TV show “Teen Mom,” was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor assault at a club in Los Angeles.

The incident occurred at Grandmaster Recorders, where security had been alerted to a potential fight on the rooftop.

When security tried to escort Abraham out of the club, she allegedly slapped one of the guards, leading to her arrest.

According to police records obtained by E! News, Abraham was placed on a citizen’s arrest and booked on a charge of misdemeanor assault by the Los Angeles Police Department.

She was released from custody less than two hours later and is due in court in May.

TMZ posted a video of the incident showing a man in a black top and blue jeans calmly restraining Abraham as she yells.



She is then seen being handcuffed by police and telling them, “I did not hit anyone. I would never hit anyone.”

Another video posted by TMZ shows Abraham standing near a squad car and calmly telling officers, “Where am I battering anyone? I did not attack or batter or hurt or injure…I don’t want to be arrested. Why are you provoking me to get arrested?”

She then says, “I am not going to be provoked to be arrested” before raising her voice and saying, “I am not resisting you!”

Abraham issued a statement to E! News following the news of her arrest, claiming that she was the victim of an attack.

“I’m tired of being maliciously battered, attack, conspired against while having dinner at Grand Master Records. This was a private persons arrest. My lawyer is handling from here. It is terrifying and traumatizing that people attack me and I cannot even enjoy dinner as I’m the only person out of three attack and harassed,” she said. “I look forward to court, as always.”

Abraham added that she is pursuing a law degree to protect herself from such attacks. “This is why I’m getting a law degree to protect myself yet again from conspired attacks,” she said.

Abraham has previously mentioned her hopes of going to law school, telling TMZ in September that Yale University had “reached out” to her. The college has not commented on the matter.

Abraham also expressed her frustration with being targeted as a woman in the public eye.

“I hope one day this world becomes a safer place for woman and people stop abusing woman in the public eye as I was the only target yet again,” she said.

“As prior attacks caught on camera I was held against my will and I did nothing but pay an establishment and was conspired against. It’s not safe for myself to go out anymore and that is sad.”

Abraham posted an Instagram video of herself being restrained on the sidewalk, writing, “I post this as no woman or man should ever be battered, abused, conspired, ganged up on, set up, recorded, and video sold.”

In addition to her role on “Teen Mom,” Abraham has also made appearances on other reality TV shows and has released music as a singer.

She was recently enrolled in Harvard Extension School, although it is unclear if the arrest will affect her studies.

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