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‘Michael Jackson’s nose was missing as he lay in the morgue’

Pop star Michael Jackson visits an orphanage in Tokyo May 28, 2006. REUTERS/Issei Kato


‘Michael Jackson’s nose was missing as he lay in the morgue’


Michael Jackson wore a false nose that was missing as he lay in the morgue, a witness has claimed.

The sensational claim was made by a witness who saw the 50-year-old’s body on an autopsy table in Los Angeles.

He said that there was simply a small hole where the singer’s nose should have been.

The witness, who claimed to have seen Jackson’s body on an autopsy table, said: ‘The prosthesis he normally attached to his damaged nose was missing, revealing bits of cartilage surrounding a small dark hole.’

‘Jackson’s face which he had so painfully reworked and concealed from the public for decades now lay out in the open undisguised under the harsh lights,’ the witness added.

It is believed plastic surgery had so destroyed the singer’s nose, that it disappeared completely. The Thriller hitmaker is believed to have had about six nose jobs and his obsession to alter his face stemmed from his dislike of his father Joe Jackson.

Jacko’s former housekeeper claimed the the star had lots of false noses.

Adrian McManus said: “His nose was a problem. He wore plasters around the side to cover or support it. It was severely caved in.

“In his closet he had a jar of fake noses and stage glue, which he told me he used for disguises. But some were similar to his real nose, just without the hole.”

Jackson is said to have been obsessed with plastic surgery.

Childhood bullying has been blamed for the singer’s obsession, though friends also suggest that the star was desperate not to resemble his father.

Friend Marcus Phillips said: ‘Michael was elated about the fact that with the second nose job he looked less like his father.

‘If he couldn’t erase Joe from his life at least he could erase him from the reflection in the mirror.’

Details about his missing nose in the Los Angeles mortuary were revealed in a report by Rolling Stone magazine.

It laid bare the horrors of decades of plastic surgery on the star.

It is believed Jacko’s obsession with surgery stemmed from the bullying he suffered as a kid. Neighbourhood youngsters branded him Big Nose.

But Jacko ended up wearing fake ones to cover the devastating effect of going under the knife so often.

His own tiny nose had been shaved away by cosmetic surgeons and his nostrils were almost too narrow for him to breathe when dancing.


Michael Jackson was known for his iconic and ever-evolving appearance, and one of the most notable changes in his look was his transformation from a dark-skinned African American man to a light-skinned one.

This transformation sparked a great deal of controversy and speculation, and many people have wondered why Jackson chose to alter his appearance in this way.

One of the most commonly cited reasons for Jackson’s change in skin tone is the pressure to conform to beauty standards.

In the world of entertainment, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s when Jackson was at the height of his fame, there was a strong emphasis on looking “perfect” and meeting certain aesthetic standards.

For many people, this meant being thin, white, and conventionally attractive.

Jackson was a dark-skinned African American man, and while he was undeniably talented and charismatic, he may have felt that his skin color was holding him back in some ways.

In a society that often values light skin over dark, Jackson may have felt that he needed to lighten his skin in order to be seen as more attractive and successful.

Another reason for Jackson’s change in skin tone may have been related to his own personal struggles and insecurities. Jackson was a deeply private and complex individual, and he struggled with a number of issues throughout his life.

He may have felt that lightening his skin would make him feel more confident and comfortable in his own skin.

Jackson’s change in skin tone may also have been related to his experience of racism and discrimination.

As a child, Jackson was exposed to racism and prejudice, and he may have felt that lightening his skin would make him less of a target for discrimination.

In a society that often treats people with dark skin unfairly, Jackson may have felt that lightening his skin would give him more opportunities and make him more accepted.

In addition to these possible reasons, Jackson’s change in skin tone may also have been related to his desire to constantly reinvent himself and his image.

Jackson was known for his love of experimentation and his willingness to take risks, and his change in skin tone may have been part of this desire to constantly evolve and try new things.

Whatever the reasons for Jackson’s change in skin tone, it is clear that it was a deeply personal decision that he made for his own reasons.

It is not for us to judge or speculate about his motivations, but rather to respect his choices and to focus on the incredible talent and contributions that he brought to the world.

In addition to lightening his skin tone, Michael Jackson is also reported to have undergone a number of other plastic surgery procedures throughout his life.

Other than the nose job, Jackson is rumored to have undergone is a facelift.

As he aged, Jackson’s face began to show signs of aging and wrinkles, and it is believed that he may have had a facelift in order to maintain a more youthful appearance.

This surgery may have been part of Jackson’s overall desire to maintain his youthful and iconic image, and to keep up with the demands of being a pop star.

Jackson is also rumored to have had a number of other surgeries, including liposuction, cheek implants, and skin bleaching.

These procedures are less commonly discussed, but they are still part of the speculation and rumors surrounding Jackson’s appearance.

It is important to note that these rumors and speculations about Jackson’s plastic surgeries have never been confirmed, and they should be treated with caution.

Jackson was a private individual, and he never publicly discussed the details of any surgeries that he may or may not have had.

It is up to each individual to decide how much weight to give to these rumors, and to remember that Jackson was an incredibly talented and complex individual, regardless of any changes that he may have made to his appearance.


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  1. Donald Thomas

    January 9, 2023 at 1:46 am

    Aloha, I believe its stated in the coroners report the Jackson had vitiligo.

  2. Victoria

    January 24, 2023 at 5:27 am

    No cosmetic surgeon would have done that to his nose. I maintain that JACKSON attacked his nose himself that forced the doctor to do the best he could. What doctor would slice off his nose to finally be a hole?

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