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LeBron James’ Hair Falls Out during Lakers game


LeBron James’ Hair Falls Out during Lakers game


Aside from his recent performance, conspiracy theories concerning LeBron James’ hairline have apparently been a popular subject among sports enthusiasts.

“Each summer LeBron James comes back with a fresh hairline in a miraculous recovery that appears to mirror the longevity of his own career in the NBA,” NBC Sports’ Dane Delgado writes. “James clearly takes time out of his busy summer schedule to get plugs, and over the course of the regular season his headband slowly slides up the top of his head as they recede.”

When he was playing for the Miami Heat, LeBron was growing bald at an alarming rate, then all of a sudden, he got his hairline back, and it was as crisp as ever.

For years, photographs of his baldness and how his hair suddenly came back filled the internet, with most of his detractors thinking he was wearing a toupee or had had some type of treatment.

So, if you’ve been wondering if LeBron gets hair plugs, here’s your answer. During Saturday night’s Lakers game, Anthony Davis took it upon himself to inform LeBron that his phony hairline was receding.

During the Lakers’ game against the Utah Jazz, James’ hairline could be seen “actively receding,” according to Delgado, who says, “In fact, a video of the game showed that teammate Anthony Davis was telling LeBron that his hair was actively falling out during the contest.”

The King was completely unaware that his toupee had shifted, exposing his bald head to millions of people.

The power forward began shouting at LeBron and pointing his finger, and the camera recorded James instantly attempting to conceal his head with the toupee once again.


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