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Kang Wanted Lady Loki To Kill Him



Kang Wanted Lady Loki To Kill Him


Though Lady Loki appeared to be in charge of her own fate, He Who Remains appears to have wanted her to murder him in the Loki finale. Lady Loki (Sophia Di Martino), sometimes known as Sylvie, and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) arrive to the Citadel at the End of Time in the last episode of Loki season 1. The person in charge of the Time Variance Authority lives in the castle, and the two Loki versions are determined to bring them down. Miss Minutes (Tara Strong) tries to dissuade Loki and Lady Loki from continuing, assuring them they may live their lives anyway they choose. But it fails, as the two ultimately reach He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), a Kang the Conqueror version who runs the TVA.

In the Loki finale, Sylvie murders He Who Remains, which might have been the villain’s goal all along. In the last episode of He Who Remains, the Loki variations are given two options. They can either assassinate him and start a Multiversal War, or they can take over at the TVA for him and continue the Sacred Timeline. Loki feels that taking over the TVA is the best option, but Sylvie is skeptical. She sends Loki to an alternate version of the TVA and murders He Who Remains, allowing the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be invaded by the Multiverse. However, there are several signs that this was He Who Remains’ wish all along.

He Who Remains continues to influence Loki and Sylvie throughout Marvel’s Disney+ show. In the Loki finale, for example, he reveals that he “paved the way” for them to reach the Citadel at the End of Time. He even has transcripts of everything they say while at the establishment. Finally, Sylvie betrays Loki and sends him to the alternative TVA, but this is only because He Who Remains convinces her that Loki cannot be trusted. Though He Who Remains states at one point that he has no idea what will happen, this does not appear to be true. He informs Sylvie and Loki that they can murder him by “plunging a blade” into his chest. Sylvie murders him in this manner, and it’s possible that he encouraged her to do it.



Why Sylvie Will Regret Killing ‘Kang’

Sophia Di Martino believes Sylvie will come to regret her actions in the Loki finale. She’s a variation of Tom Hiddleston’s fan-favorite character, and she’s formally introduced at the conclusion of the second episode of the Marvel Studios program. From then, she mostly collaborated with the God of Mischief in order to solve the mystery behind the Time Variance Authority.


The unintentional pairing of the two Variants resulted in a love relationship, which triggered a Nexus event that led to the pair’s arrest. After escaping the TVA’s grasp and finding that the Time-Keepers are a hoax, the romantic bond between the two became deeper, but it was cut short when Ravonna Renslayer pruned Hiddleston’s Variant.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the Sylvie actor discussed the Loki variant’s universe-altering deeds in the finale. She claims that the character will gradually come to regret murdering He Who Remains. She goes on to say: “She’s done it and she’s sort of waiting for the relief and the release and something to happen to make her feel a tiny bit better about things. And it just doesn’t come, and she’s left questioning everything.”

She added: “I think [regret] definitely comes at some point. I’m sure it will, because the whole conversation that’s just happened with Loki is almost like a misunderstanding. It’s just a bad bit of communication in a way, and then she’s left with the reality of what she’s done. There’s some big feels.”

When asked about the possible Loki season 2 story, Di Martino first stated she didn’t know. Her aforementioned remark, on the other hand, suggests that she has some idea of Sylvie’s character journey. While Loki has his job cut out for him dealing with a TVA publicly overseen by Kang the Conqueror, Sylvie’s destiny is presently unclear, with the Minutemen still ignorant that they, too, are variations. She is imprisoned at the Citadel at the End of Time. Sure, she could return to the vacuum and join forces with Kid Loki (Jack Veal) and Alligator Loki, but that may not be her preference.

According to the outlet, Sylvie reinstated free will into the world after the tragedy, while also insuring the development of hazardous Variants of He Who Remains throughout several timelines. The main question right now is whether Sylvie is responsible for the turmoil and multiverse craziness that will affect the rest of the MCU.

At this point, it’s safe to assume that Sophia’s MCU adventure is only getting started, and we can fully anticipate her return in a future MCU project. Obviously, with Sylvie creating the gateway to the multiverse, it will act as poetic justice for the Loki variation to be important in defeating Kang the Conqueror, but that remains to be seen.

Di Martino further acknowledges that she would “understand” if fans and even in-universe characters blamed Sylvie for everything:

“I would understand that. But I guess we just need to wait and see what actually happens if he was telling the truth. I don’t know, maybe it will be entertaining!”

While the Loki program separated the God of Mischief and Sylvie after season one, expect their paths to meet again in the future. Aside from confirming that season 2 of the Disney+ series is in the works, Marvel Studios has been tight-lipped about what and/or when it would be available.

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