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Donald Trump credits McDonald’s Fries as Secret Behind His Hair

Trump has made no secret of his love of fast food, often eating McDonald’s meals on Air Force One (Image: Internet Unknown)


Donald Trump credits McDonald’s Fries as Secret Behind His Hair


President Donald Trump has made a correlation between two of his personal interests that continue to captivate the public’s attention: his love of McDonald’s and his hair.

The US President tweeted, “No wonder I didn’t lose my hair!” and posted a news article suggesting that a chemical in McDonald’s fries may treat baldness.

Trump was reacting to a 2018 tweet from President George W. Bush’s White House press secretary, Ari Fleischer, who slammed an ABC article suggesting that a chemical in McDonald’s fries may help treat baldness.

Fleischer, a balding man, quipped that the supposed chemical in the fries “doesn’t work.”

The odd remark on his hair occurred after his tumultuous first TV debate with Biden, in which they both shouted over each other.

According to the research referenced in the tweet, Japanese experts believe the solution for baldness lies in a chemical added to McDonald’s frying oil to keep it from foaming up. The chemical was tested on mice, and the animals developed hair, according to the researchers. At the time, this technique of generating “hair follicle germs” had not yet been tried on human skin cells.


In a 2018 news release, corresponding author and professor Junji Fukuda said, “The key for the mass production of [hair follicle germs] was a choice of substrate materials for culture vessel. We used oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane (PDMS) at the bottom of culture vessel, and it worked very well.”

The research also made no particular mention of McDonald’s french fries.

Trump is a big fan of fast food, particularly McDonald’s.

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, claimed in his book “Let Trump Be Trump” that during the 2016 campaign, Trump’s private aircraft featured ” four major food groups “: McDonald’s, KFC, pizza, and Diet Coke. His McDonald’s order was reported to include “two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted,” for a total of 2,430 calories.

What is true is that Donald Trump’s hair is often a topic of conversation on the internet. During the pandemic, he was seen with “a more natural gray hairdo.” as the New York Post put it. This one-of-a-kind scene was caught on video in July as he exited a briefing in the Rose Garden.

Trump’s hair was already in the headlines this week, when a New York Times investigation showed that the real estate magnate paid a hairdresser £55,000 for his television appearances in a year.

Trump likes fast food because he is afraid of getting poisoned, according to Michael Wolff’s 2018 book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

“He had a longtime fear of being poisoned, one reason why he liked to eat at McDonald’s – nobody knew he was coming and the food was safely premade,” Wolff wrote.

The US president is well-known for his great interest in maintaining his appearance, which includes a year-long tan and flawlessly coiffed hair.

As a result, Trump’s well-documented fondness for fast food is unlikely to be related to the fact that he still has hair. Instead, Trump may be able to keep his mane due to finasteride, a medication initially designed to treat prostate enlargement but later discovered to preserve and increase scalp hair growth.

He has previously confessed to having a bald patch and, in 2016, allowed US TV talk show presenter Jimmy Fallon muss up his hair to prove it wasn’t a fake.

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