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Watch: President Macron slapped in the face

French President Emmanuel Macron is slapped by a man during a walkabout session with a crowd in the Drome region in southeastern France


Watch: President Macron slapped in the face


A video of Emmanuel Macron being slapped across the face while on a walkabout to greet voters in southern France has surfaced online.

Macron’s security team rushed in to bring the man to the ground and take him away from the France President.

As he struck, the protestor was heard shouting “down with Macronism!”

According to broadcasters BFM TV and RMC radio, two persons were detained in connection with the assault.

The event occurred in the Drome region’s town of Tain-l’Hermitage, where Macron was visiting restaurateurs and students to discuss how life is returning to normal following the lifting of the Covid restrictions.

The act, according to French Prime Minister Jean Castex, was an insult to democracy.


Marine Le Pen of the National Rally party, Macron’s political adversary, has denounced the attack.

“It’s inadmissible to physically attack the President of the Republic,” Ms Le Pen said in a statement.

“It’s a profoundly condemnable gesture.”

Macron, clad in shirt sleeves, could be seen going towards a gathering of well-wishers who were behind a metal fence in the video.

One man with a green T-shirt, glasses, and a face mask was greeted by the French president, who extended his hand.

‘Mr Macron appeared very relaxed and thought he was getting a good reception from those watching him,’ one eyewitness added.

‘He was outside a catering school when he stuck his right hand towards a man who promptly grabbed it.

‘Then the man slapped the President in the face, before Mr Macron was pulled away by security guards.’



The presidential administration confirmed that an attempt on Macron had been made, but declined to elaborate.

It comes after the President was warned by Frexit campaigner Charles-Henris Gallois that his popularity is eroding.

“The main issue we are having in France is that we are part of the European Union,” Mr Gallois remarked.

“We are part of some projects like the Recovery France project that will money for France 80 billion euros to only receive 40 billion euros.

“That is not the only thing because there are links to reforms that will be imposed to the French.

“It will have to do with some very unpopular reforms such as the pension one and the employment one.

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