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Ringo Starr is the richest drummer with $350 million – How he made it



Ringo Starr is the richest drummer with $350 million – How he made it


Drummers have things reasonably hard compared to their bandmates, since they require either very nice neighbors or a set time and location to practice their instrument. Not to mention a solid pair of wheels to carry their gear, the setup, the takedown, and all those bad drummer jokes – you really need to be dedicated. And “committed” seems to be the common factor among these top paying drummers, many of whom have spent 30+ years at the top of the charts with bands such as The Beatles, Metallica, U2 and The Rolling Stones.

Ringo Starr, the drummer for the Beatles, is the wealthiest drummer in the world.

According to the wealth-calculation website, the 72-year-old is worth $350 million.

This puts him well ahead of former Genesis member Phil Collins, who is said to be worth about $250 million (£158 million). Dave Grohl comes in third with a net worth of $225 million (£143 million).

Following the dissolution of the Beatles in 1970, Starr embarked on a solo career that, although not reaching the stratospheric heights of his time with the band, has been no less productive. To date, he has recorded 15 solo albums, performed with various versions of Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, and achieved the unusual distinction of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as both a band member and a solo artist.

He earns the most money off of old Beatles songs.


Although he has earned millions with his current band, Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band, he has made much more with songs he recorded with The Beatles years ago. “In 2013, Forbes reported that each of The Beatles was still raking in millions—despite Lennon and Harrison having passed away—thanks to continued sales of Beatles albums, usage of their music in various projects, and even the Cirque du Soleil show, Love!, which features a full set of Beatles songs,” writes Nicki Swift. Because so many people know and adore the iconic Beatles tunes, they will always remain his primary source of revenue and the reason he is the world’s richest drummer.

They have the most number-one albums on the UK chart and the most number-one singles on the Billboard 100. They also managed to have the most singles in the UK. In 1988, the Beatles were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They made the list of the Billboard Hot 100’s all-time most successful artists.

Ringo didn’t stop working after the Beatles. Ringo has acquired a sizable wealth in the years after he left the Beatles, thanks to his regular record releases, film and television work, three books, and many ventures.

The Beatles’ work generated an atmosphere that swept the country and will never be forgotten. Beatlemania gripped the country, igniting a passion for their music that has endured for many, many years. Young females cried and passed out in the crowds wanting to be near them. They were universally adored and unmistakably unique. It’s difficult to envision such a wonderful, infectious band rising to prominence and sweeping the country like they did. Because of their widespread popularity, they remained financially secure for the rest of their lives.

Ringo now owns a handful of homes with his wife, but he may sell them in the near future, netting him even more millions of dollars. According to Nicki Swift, “He and his wife, Barbara Bach—who he wed in 1981—owned homes in Snowmass, Colo. and Surrey, England, but the Los Angeles Times reported in 2014 that Starr was planning to firmly settle in the ‘Los Angeles area’ and was selling the Colorado and Surrey homes. While the value of the homes was not disclosed, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Surrey home was ‘estimated at 15 million to 20 million pounds—about $23.5 million to $31 million,’ and the last sale of the Colorado property in 1991 was just over $1 million.”

Ringo earned a few hundred thousand dollars every time he played with his All Starr Band. “Just like fellow Beatle Paul McCartney, Starr can’t leave music behind and seemingly can’t stop touring, despite being in his late 70’s. Forbes reported in 2013 that looking at his recent touring history, Starr was earning about $300,000 per show, which has no doubt increased since then,” Nicki Swift writes. He has earned millions of dollars through the band’s appearances at concerts over the years.


The 30 Richest Drummers in the World 

  1. Ringo Starr – $300 Million (The Beatles)
  2. Phil Collins – $250 Million (Solo, Genesis)
  3. Dave Grohl – $225 Million (Nirvana, Foo Fighters)
  4. Don Henley – $200 Million (The Eagles)
  5. Lars Ulrich – $175 Million (Metallica)
  6. Charlie Watts – $160 Million (The Rolling Stones)
  7. Larry Mullen Jr – $150 Million (U2)
  8. Roger Taylor – $105 Million (Queen)
  9. Joey Kramer – $100 Million (Aerosmith)
  10. Chad Smith – $90 Million (The Red Hot Chili
  11. Travis Barker – $85 Million (Blink 182, The
  12. Stewart Copeland – $80 Million (The Police)
  13. Alex Van Halen – $75 Million (Van Halen)
  14. Nick Mason – $75 Million (Pink Floyd)
  15. Tommy Lee – $70 Million (Motley Crue)
  16. Bill Ward – $65 Million (Black Sabbath)
  17. Jon Fishman – $60 Million (Phish)
  18. Carter Beauford – $55 Million (Dave Matthews
  19. Rick Allen – $50 Million (Def Leppard)
  20. Tre Cool – $45 Million (Green Day)
  21. Danny Carey – $40 Million (Tool)
  22. Tico Torres – $40 Million (Bon Jovi)
  23. Max Weinberg – $35 Million (Bruce Springsteen and
    The E Street Band, Conan O’Brien)
  24. Mickey Hart – $30 Million (The Grateful Dead)
  25. Bill Kreutzmann – $25 Million (The Grateful Dead)
  26. Neil Peart – $22 Million (Rush)
  27. Taylor Hawkins – $20 Million (Foo Fighters)
  28. Questlove – $16 Million (The Roots, Jimmy Fallon)
  29. Steven Adler – $15 Million (Guns N’ Roses)
  30. Mick Fleetwood – $8.5 Million (Fleetwood Mac)


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