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Queen Elizabeth II’s nod to Australia as she meets Morrison at Windsor

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Queen Elizabeth II’s nod to Australia as she meets Morrison at Windsor


Queen Elizabeth II met with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in person at Windsor Castle.

The queen appeared to make a lovely gesture to Australia.

She donned a unique brooch given to her on her very first journey Down Under seven decades ago.

Then-Prime Minister Robert Menzies gave the magnificent jewels to Her Majesty at a formal dinner in Canberra in 1954.

The braided brooch was given to the Queen when she first visited Australia in 1954. credit: details unknown/Royal Collection Trust

The brooch, which symbolizes a strong relationship between Britain and Australia, is adorned with three flowers studded with white diamonds.


There are also two leaves sprouting out of the flowers, which are made of yellow diamonds.

The flowers are tree blooms, and the brooch is in the form of a wattle, a tree endemic to southeastern Australia, according to the Royal Collection Trust.

The scientific name is acacia pycnantha, and the popular name is golden wattle.

Braids are also Australia’s national flower symbol, appearing with kangaroos and emus on the country’s coat of arms.

During the brief encounter with the queen at the age of 95, Scott Morrison informed him that he was a “significant hit” at the G7 Summit.

The Queen attended a banquet at the G7 Summit in Cornwall and asked the Prime Minister why he wasn’t present.

“So you were there, didn’t you see you in Cornwall?” She asked.

“No, it was only G7 members,” replied Morrison, who attended the summit as a guest.

“We are called extension partners, but you were a big hit.

“Everyone was talking about you at dinner the next night.”

The monarch replied: “Oh, Lord, were they really?”

The 95-year-old queen has had a very busy week, having traveled by rail to Cornwall in southwest England on Friday to host an evening event for global leaders attending the Group of Seven summit.

She then went to Windsor to preside over an annual military parade in her honor on Saturday, her formal birthday. The next day, she hosted afternoon tea at the castle for US President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden.

The action-packed weekend is a stark contrast to most of the previous year, when the queen hosted tens of thousands of internet viewers from her home due to the pandemic.

The meeting with the Queen occurred shortly after Scott Morrison and his British counterpart Boris Johnson signed a free trade deal with the United Kingdom.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has expressed his support for constitutional monarchy.

Shortly after taking over as Prime Minister, he made a reference to his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull’s republican beliefs, stating the Queen’s picture was “back up in the PM’s office.”

“It was one of the things Malcolm and I disagreed on, but look, I respect how all Australians feel on this,” Mr Morrison said.

“It’s not something I go around beating my chest about. It’s just I’ve got a lot of respect for the constitutional monarchy, and if it ain’t broke, I don’t see the need to fix it, but I respect all Australians’ views on that and I’m looking forward to seeing (the Royals).“

It’s his second meeting with the Queen. He previously paid her a visit in 2019 with his wife Jenny.

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