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No happy ending for King Edward VIII with Wallis Simpson



No happy ending for King Edward VIII with Wallis Simpson


The British royal family has weathered numerous storms of controversy, none more so than the passionate relationship between Edward VIII, the heir to the throne, and twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson, which ended in the charismatic King’s abdication and forced exile.

For decades, Wallis Simpson has been vilified as the Baltimore divorcee who scandalized Britain by enticing Edward VIII, Prince of Wales, away from his brief reign.

On the surface, it seemed like Wallis Simpson and the former king were living happily ever after in the United States after being ignored by the rest of the Royal Family.

Simpson, in fact, abandoned her husband following his abdication and fell in love with another man. According to renowned royal historian Andrew Morton’s latest book “Wallis in Love: The Untold Life of the Duchess of Windsor,” which offers new insight into the life and loves of the lady who altered the history of the monarchy.

The biographer said that he dug through discovered letters, diaries, photographs, and witness testimonies that presented a different picture of Simpson’s relationship with King Edward VIII than the official record.

“From his side, he was always besotted with her,” Morton said. “From her side, she treated him with due deference and respect, always referred to him as the Duke and called him “Sir” in public, but once those lights were out, or those doors were closed, she was very different. He would often say to her, ‘Am I going to go to bed in tears again tonight?’”


According to the Guardian, Wallis reportedly admitted that “the Duke is impotent,” and that she was “the only woman who had been able to satisfactorily gratify the Duke’s sexual desires.”

To add to the already unbelievable fairy-tale gone awry, Wallis, was reported to be intersex – that is, born with male sex organs and genetic traits.

Morton seems to disprove the duchess’s hermaphroditic status. ‘She had a hysterectomy for ovarian cancer in 1951, which suggests that she was wholly female,’ he writes before adding, rather ungallantly: ‘What remains enigmatic is the secret of her sexual allure. In short, what did men see in her?’

According to ABC News, the Duchess of Windsor, as she would become, had a “raspy voice, square jaw and flat chest” in a 2012 biography by royal writer Anne Sebba, while other sources say Wallis was infertile and never menstruated.

Throughout Wallis’ relationship with Edward, rumors circulated that she had spent time in Chinese brothels learning unique oral sex methods that gave her a psycho-sexual grip on the Duke.

Wallis Simpson, according to Anna Pasternak, author of The Real Wallis Simpson, was very uncomfortable about her sexual identity and “never had sexual intercourse with either of her first two husbands” or participated in any sort of penetrative sexual behavior.

Morton found that the American socialite was frequently chilly and disrespectful of her husband as her relationship with King Edward VIII deteriorated. Indeed, during his last moments on earth in 1972, Morton reported that King Edward VIII died in the arms of a nurse rather than in the arms of Wallis, who was not to be seen.

“As he was breathing his last few breaths on this earth, he whispered, ‘Wallis, Wallis and Wallis,’” Morton quoted the nurse who shared the story with him.

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