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Is Jill Biden’s lemon-print dress a nod to Meghan Markle?

Spotify/YouTube and Pool/Reuters


Is Jill Biden’s lemon-print dress a nod to Meghan Markle?


We can’t confirm if Dr. Jill Biden donned her lemon Oscar de la Renta gown on International Women’s Day as a subtle statement of support for Meghan Markle, who wore the same pattern only two weeks before at a Spotify event. We can’t, however, dispute it either.

Jill Biden’s remarks and wardrobe choices empower women. On March 8, the first lady collaborated with the State Department to recognize 21 women from across the world who received the International Women of Courage Award. She seems to have also discreetly honored one particular lady by donning an Oscar de la Renta gown.

The outfit is bright and Spring-appropriate, and it looked a lot like the drop-waist shift dress in the same pattern that the Duchess of Sussex wore to a Spotify event only a few weeks earlier.

Biden accessorized with gold bracelets, a watch, and a wispy haircut to complete the outfit.

After being accused of bullying by her former advisor at Kensington Palace, Markle, whose Oprah interview aired the night before the FLOTUS’s IWD visit, has received public support from pals. This comes after Meghan shared a lot of personal details about her difficult life as a royal. Just as Markle made a statement with her interview outfit, it’s likely Jill picked lemons knowing Meghan is a lover of the pattern as well – maybe this is her way of praising the Duchess of Sussex for her courage and honoring her power as a woman, wife, and mother.

Of course, what Biden said at the event is more significant than her appearance. During her seven-minute address, the first lady said, “Some of  these women have spent their lives fighting for their cause. Others are just starting out on a journey they didn’t ask for. Some were called to service, and some couldn’t escape it. They are fighting for their own lives and for their children. They want to right the wrongs of our past, to build a brighter future for everyone. They aren’t immune to fear. No one is.”


The internet is already rife with speculation that Biden selected that outfit as a covert gesture to Markle. One user wrote “I don’t believe in coincidences,” while another shared “I’m choosing to believe FLOTUS Jill Biden wore this Oscar de la Renta in solidarity with Meghan Markle.” Yet another tweeted, “nice to see our FLOTUS give a nod to Meghan Markle.”

Though Biden has not acknowledged any connection between the two gowns, the first lady’s matching moment may have been a deliberate choice.

Yes, we might be reading too much into the situation, but this isn’t the first time Biden has conveyed a statement via her wardrobe choices. We spotted Biden in a similar lemon print mask when she spoke at the 2021 International Women of Courage event, which was conducted out remotely from Washington, DC and intended to honor women in leadership.

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