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Meghan Markle’s Book branded ‘dull and uninspiring’


Meghan Markle’s Book branded ‘dull and uninspiring’


Meghan Markle’s newest book has widely received a bad reception.

The Duchess of Sussex’s first book was inspired by a poem she penned for Prince Harry’s first Father’s Day. It examines the ‘special bond between father and son’ as ‘seen through a mother’s eyes.’

The Duchess of Sussex wrote ‘The Bench,’ a book about the Sussexes’ “authentic” living in their Los Angeles residence, complete with illustrations.

However, readers on both sides of the Atlantic were underwhelmed by the $18.99 book, with one US children’s librarian criticizing it as having “no characters, no fun, no adventure.”

According to the reviewer: It’s “dull and uninspiring, it is unlikely to keep a child’s interest.

“The author appears to have no knowledge of young children. I can only surmise that this book is a vanity project for the purpose of lining the pockets of the author.


“It should be recategorised from children’s books to books for sycophants.”

‘I’m a children’s librarian, and I’m chagrined this book will now be part of our library. It is not a book for children,’ the reader stated, before adding that the book was only only released because of Meghan’s celebrity.

They went on: ‘It’s barely a book at all actually, just a set of poorly-rhyming platitudes on how to parent. I would be shocked if anyone gave this 5 stars if the author was an anonymous person (actually, the book wouldn’t have gotten published at all).

‘It distresses me that Meghan (excuse me, “the duchess”) reportedly received a half-million dollar advance for this drivel, when there are so many well-deserving authors who struggle to make ends meet. Please, try their works out instead. If you need help, your local library would be delighted to offer suggestions.’

Another wrote: “What an insincere pile of utter sentimental drivel. I agree with a previous review that it’s a vanity project.

“Why waste money on this rubbish when there are so many brilliant entertaining books around.”

The review is one of multiple one-star reviews made by readers in the United States, many of which matched the negative criticism the book got in the United Kingdom only hours before its publication.

The book did, however, make it to number 40 on Amazon’s British bestselling list, while it lingered at number 100 in the US, while being designated the top seller on the retailer’s category of ‘Children’s Black & African American Story Books.’

Others praised The Bench as “beautifully written and illustrated” and “a sweet story with beautiful illustrations,” giving it five stars.

One person wrote: “A story that is inspiring. Would highly recommend.”

Another wrote: “I find the way the book explores the relationship between father and son through the mother’s eyey very warm and cute.

“The illustrations are also wonderful.”

It’s unclear whether Meghan received an advance for the book, which is published by Random House, or whether any of the revenues would be donated to charity, but a branding expert previously estimated that it would have earned her more over $500,000 after a ‘bidding war to secure her first venture.’

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