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Kamala Harris condemned for wiping her hand after greeting South Korean president


Kamala Harris condemned for wiping her hand after greeting South Korean president


Vice President Kamala Harris is under fire after a video surfaced showing her wiping her hand on her jacket after greeting South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House last Friday as part of Joe Biden’s second in-person meeting with a foreign leader since taking office due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The video of the faux pas went viral on Twitter, with hundreds criticizing the US Vice President for her “insulting” behavior.

Ms Harris appears to wipe her hand on her jeans following a handshake with Moon Jae-in in the video.

Netizens reacted angrily, labeling the move “disrespectful” and “embarrassing.”

One user wrote: ‘This is the USA VP? Not only disrespectful, but it would be ‘racist’ if this was a Republican, all over the news for sure…. Double standards on full display.’

‘Kamala Harris insults the South Korean President Moon Jae-in by wiping her hand off after shaking his hand,’ said another.


Some, however, were ready to support Ms Harris after she met the leader unmasked in the midst of the outbreak.

“We are living in COVID. I immediately wash my hands after touching someone else’s ,” one Twitter user remarked.

Others remarked that the event occurred in the midst of a pandemic and was one of the few events hosted at the White House sans masks since Joe Biden took office since the outbreak began.

The video, which has received hundreds of thousands of views, was even featured on Sky News Australia, with anchor Rowan Dean remarking, ‘Had it been Donald Trump can you imagine the outrage that would have occurred. It would have been the end of the world.’

Kamala Harris wiped her hand on her trousers immediately after shaking hands with the South Korean president Credit: Alamy


Credit: White House


Footage appears to show her rub her hand on her pants after the handshake with Moon Jae-in Credit: White House


Following the meeting, Ms Harris wrote, “Today, I met with President Moon of the Republic of Korea.”

“We discussed North Korea, global health, and how we can address the root causes of migration from the Northern Triangle.

“We look forward to working with President Moon to address the challenges we face.”

Moon arrived to Washington seeking greater diplomatic urgency from the United States in halting North Korea’s nuclear development, despite the White House signaling a longer view on the matter.

He also discussed with Biden the coordination of vaccine distribution, climate change, and regional security concerns sparked by China.

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