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Peter and Autumn Phillips head to court to settle divorce case


Peter and Autumn Phillips head to court to settle divorce case


Peter Phillips and his estranged wife Autumn are taking their divorce to the courts in order to negotiate a financial settlement.

Autumn Phillips and Peter Phillips, both 43, declared their divorce in February of last year, calling it “sad but amicable.”


After 12 years of marriage, the pair, who have two children, declared their divorce.


They married on May 17, 2008, at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, and their anniversary is less than a week away.



The former couple’s attorneys are due to testify in front of a High Court next week to split their accounts and negotiate on a settlement, according to The Telegraph.


Mr Justice Peel of the Family Division will hear the pre-trial review hearing via video conference.


Mr Phillips has hired Nicholas Yates QC, a top divorce lawyer who handles “complex cases involving significant assets and jurisdictional disputes” and “leads negotiations in high-value postnuptial agreements,” according to his online profile.


Last year, he represented wealthy businessman Simrin Choudhrie, 38, who demanded £100 million from Bhanu Choudhrie, 41, an heir to one of India’s wealthiest families who appeared on Channel 4’s reality show The Secret Millionaire.


At the time, the couple stated that sharing custody of their two daughters was “the best course of action for their two children and ongoing friendship.”


Mr Justice Peel was told at a preliminary hearing on Tuesday that the former couple were “continuing to endeavour to settle the case” over their finances.


Mr Phillips, the Princess Royal’s only son, has asked for reporting restrictions that prevent the publication of financial and other personal information.


Peter’s net worth is reported to be £14.4 million.


Savannah and Isla’s parents announced their ‘amicable’ divorce in 2019 after determining it was ‘the best course of action for their two children and ongoing friendship.’


The couple’s representative said in a joint statement when they announced their divorce arrangements last year: “The couple’s first priority will remain the continued wellbeing and upbringing of their wonderful daughters Savannah and Isla.


“Both families were naturally sad at the announcement, but fully supportive of Peter and Autumn in the joint decision to co-parent their children.”


Autumn has stayed in Gloucestershire to raise Savannah and Isla.


Mr Phillips walked behind his grandfather’s coffin at his funeral procession last month, positioned between brothers the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex, as the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s eldest grandchild.


In March, he was charged with violating lockdown limits by spending the night in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, with a female acquaintance, Lindsay Wallace, 40.


According to reports, police officers visited the couple at their home and “issued advice,” but found no evidence of a code violation.


Autumn Kelly met Mr. Phillips for the first time at the 2003 Montreal Grand Prix, when he was working for Formula One racing team BMW Williams and she was working in the main BMW hospitality suite.


When he returned to England, he introduced her to a post-race party and they remained in contact.


However, the Queen’s grandson initially did not inform Ms Kelly that he was a member of the royal family.


She found out after seeing him on TV in a documentary about the Duke of Cambridge, and admitted to being terrified of dating a Windsor.


Mr. Phillips is listed as the event director of Festival of British Eventing Ltd on Companies House. According to accounts submitted in October of last year, the firm suffered £26,412 in losses.


He and Mrs Phillips are both directors of SEL UK, a sports and events business that is a subsidiary of an Australian company established in 2012 by Captain Mark Phillips.

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